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How to overclock Android smartphones and increase CPU speed

Did you know that you can make your Android phone faster? This is not with a speed booster app. You can force your CPU to run a bit faster than normal. The process is called overclocking. It is quite easy to overclock Android smartphones, and it can add as much as 30 percent to the CPU power. Note that this requires root access on your device. This article puts you through how to overclock Android smartphones.


Before You Start

Before you start overclocking, know this. To overclock Android smartphones is risky. It can make your device unstable and affect your battery life. It won’t make your phone catch fire or anything like that, but still. You need to take it slow. Don’t just jump directly to a 30 percent increase in clock speed immediately. Start small, and find out how well your device handles it each time. If the system shows no signs of malfunction, then you can try increasing your clock speed. Revert to a stable clock speed if you notice that something’s off.

You can overclock Android smartphones for extra performance

How to overclock Android smartphones

Now, the only thing you need is a kernel that supports overclocking. There are loads of good kernels to choose from, but you should find the right kernel for your phone model. But first, know your phone model number and your Android version. Go to Settings>About Phone and check it out.

You need to find the right kernel for your phone model. There are four things to look out for hen searching for a kernel: overclocking support, compatibility with your phone model, it works on your current Android version and it has a good reputation. Now, you can learn more about the kernels and find out more about the kernel of your choice and learn from previous users from numerous sites and communities on the internet.


When you select your preferred kernel, you also need some software to help you get the most out of it. Some kernels have a companion app. if yours does not, search the Play Store for overclocking apps or CPU manager apps with good ratings and positive comments.

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Now, note that your device needs to be rooted for you to install a custom kernel. Also, you need to install a custom recovery tool, as you cannot flash kernels using stock recovery. If you have made these arrangements, then follow these instructions to overclock your device:

  1. Make a backup of your data. This is important.
  2. Once you have chosen your preferred kernel, download it into your smartphone, along with any software that comes with it.
  3. Turnoff your phone, then put it in fastboot mode by pressing the power and lower volume buttons down.
  4. On the fastboot screen, use the volume buttons to highlight Recovery Mode and use the power button to select it. This will take you to your Custom Recovery.
  5. Tap Install and navigate to the location you saved your kernel zip file. Now flash the kernel zip file and wait for a success message. Note that some kernels allow you to set the CPU clock speed during installation. You can change the settings there or later through the CPU app.
  6. Once the kernel has been flashed successfully, wipe the cache.
  7. Go to Advanced Settings in Recovery and tap Fix Permissions. After that, reboot your device.

Now, you can change your CPU clock speed. If you did not do this while installing your custom kernel, launch your CPU manager or kernel app. Look for the settings that control clock speed, then adjust the speed. Remember to take it slowly. Try out each clock speed to see its effects on stability, battery life and heat.

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