Project Vault : Top security in the shape of a MicroSD card

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Google I/O held last week, where Android M was launched, including a host of other innovations. One of which includes Project Vault. This is an interesting project made by Google’s ATAP ( Advanced Technology and Projects) lab.

Project Vault is a security solution designed to look like a micro SD card. It is supported by multiple platforms, working virtually on any device that supports a microSD card slot.

Project Vault

Vault has its own microprocessor running ARTOS, with NFC, and 4GB storage. It provides different security tools to users like message encryption, two factor authentication, random number generator, etc. All these are to ensure that only the owner of the device actually has access to data/information contained on the device.

Basically, the host computer or phone will see Project Vault as a generic storage device. There’s no word yet on when Project Vault will be commercialized, though it might first be aimed at enterprise markets.


  1. nice, there was a German security firm that announced something roughly analogous to this a while back, was for BlackBerry devices only though and it incorporated VPN access

  2. My question is: what happens to all those devices without microSD card slots, including Google’s very own Nexus line?
    *laughing at all those anti-mcard slots activists*

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