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PUBG Mobile (a Battle Royale Game)

pubg mobile battle royale game
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If you have played the PUBG PC version, you really need no introduction to PUBG Mobile. But if you are just hearing about it for the first time, permit me to walk you through.

What is a Battle Royale game?

First, I need to define what a Battle Royale game is. It is one that starts with multiple players, proceeds with players eliminating one another, and ends with a last man standing. The idea is to survive against all odds. This genre of games have become very popular. Examples of Battle Royale titles include Fortnite , Minecraft Survival, Darwin project, and Realm Royale, to mention just a few.

All About PUBG Mobile - battle royale game mode

All About PUBG

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. The game quickly became a rave and has sold over 40 million copies since it arrived. It is rightfully credited as being responsible for the huge interest in Battle Royale game mode that we are witnessing now.

How does it run? Here is a brief: PUBG is a first-person shooter (FPS) game. You are one of 100 players mercenaries who arrive on an island via parachute. You all arrive with no weapons and have to find weapons, so you can stay alive. An electrical storm progressively closes in on all of you, so you are restricted to an ever shrinking circle that you must keep in while battling your way to stay alive.

PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of PUBG stays true to the original plan. Land, find a weapon, fight within the ever shrinking circle, and may the best man win. But of course, a PC screen and a smartphone screen are two different things entirely. The mobile game is free to play, so no worries about having to cough up cash to get in on the action.

pubg mobile battle royale game

After downloading and installing the game, you need to login. You can login with your Facebook account or as a guest. You earn rewards for logging in. You also earn battle points as you play, so you can clothe your avatar to taste. Looking badass is part of the experience after all. All the experience and activity rewards from the PC game are here as well and you will be able to unlock new avatars as you ramp them up.

The PUBG Mobile has most of the features of the PC game – enough to make it feel familiar immediately and for you to not feel like there is something missing.

All the weapons you available on PC are here in the mobile version. Same for the maps and landmarks. You will find that some special effects have been left out though. I believe that this has to do with hardware demands on mobile.

pubg mobile splash


Apart from the lack of certain effects, PUBG Mobile feels realistic. There are virtual controls that allow you to carry out everything else you have experienced on the PC version. So this isn’t a dumbed down affair despite a few downgraded features.

PUBG Mobile Game Download

PUBG Mobile is a huge 1.5GB download for Android users and an even bigger 2GB for iOS users. So, be sure to find a solid Wifi internet connection to download and setup the game on your device. You can download PUBG for Android smartphones and tablets or for iPhone and iPad parachute in and start playing.

Because the game is very demanding, even for high-end phones, the developers have created a lite version that low-end hardware can run smoothly.

PUBG Mobile Lite for low-end smartphones

pubg mobile lite battle royale game

Tencent Games, the developers of PUBG, have released PUBG Mobile Lite, a version for low-end and entry-level Android smartphone users. This lite version is only 33MB in size. Amazing! That is super light.

In PUBG Lite, the map is smaller and there are only 40 players instead of 100. Of course, you will have to make do with less game features and less detailed graphics and effects. But that sounds like a fair price to pay.

It was initially released only in the Philippines, but you can keep your fingers crossed for a wider release over time. There is already talk about availability in India.

If you are not able to access it from your country, try setting up a good VPN and then try to download the game. Here is the download link for PUBG Mobile Lite. Do not say we never did anything for you.

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