Samsung Galaxy A52 problems and their solutions

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The Samsung Galaxy A52 has had a lot of positive feedback since its release and very few problems to go with it. We are going to be focusing on these problems today, and how you can fix them. Let’s dive right into it.

Samsung Galaxy A52 problem

Samsung Galaxy A52 problem: Fast Battery Drain

Some users have observed the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A52 drains faster than it formerly did before the latest software update (the July update). Some say it is a mild difference and some say that the life span is now terrible. Here are a few ways you can solve this problem.

•Clearing the cache of apps on your device can help to somewhat restore it to its former life span.

•Repairing apps in the recovery menu is another effective way to solve this problem. It is important to do this after installing new updates.

•If you just installed a new software update, you need to give your device time to adjust and adapt to the update, so your battery’s lifespan might be a little less than it used to be.

•Apps running in the background could also contribute to how fast your battery is draining. Close them or blacklist them in settings and you should be fine.

•If your phone is overheating while charging and you have fast charging enabled, that might be the problem. You can disable its settings.

•Making use of your phone while it is charging will also cause overheating, try as much as possible to wait till it has charged fully.

Samsung Galaxy A52 problem: Overheating

There have been reports of the Samsung Galaxy A52 overheating from users. A particular user even recorded the phone heating up to 55 degrees. 

•Close all unused apps running in the background, they are overworking your device’s processor unnecessarily while you are carrying out some other activity.

•Lower your screen brightness. Using your Samsung Galaxy A52 on high brightness volumes will make it overheat. 

•Be careful not to overcharge the device. Not only will it make it overheat, but it can also mess up your phone’s battery life span. 

Samsung Galaxy A52 problem: Mobile data issues

An issue with the mobile data option has surfaced after the latest July update. Being unable to access mobile data properly is a serious issue because it is a feature we use every single day. And it is worse for those who do not have a Wi-Fi connection as a substitute. Here are some things to do if you have this problem.

•Try to wipe the cache partition and repair apps in the recovery menu and see if it solves this problem.

•Force restarting is also a good option for fixing this problem. To do this, simply press the power button and the volume up or volume down for about 6-10 seconds and it just doesn’t might fix it.

•Resetting the network settings on your phone will probably solve this issue. This will return the network services to their default configuration. Although doing this will also reset connections you had made on different connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, e.t.c.

Samsung Galaxy A52 problem: Camera Quality Issues

One of the problems that some users encountered after the July Update, was a reduction in the phone camera’s quality. Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait for Samsung’s next update to see if they eventually resolve this issue.

So, follow these guides and you just might be problem free as you probably once were. If you have any problems that were not mentioned, comment down below and we will get back to you with feedback.

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  1. I can use (read/write) a flashdrive on my samsung tablet T590 (TAB A 2018 android 10) , also on my smartphone samsung A21 with android 13, but NOT on my smartphone samsung A52 with android 13. Is this normal behaviour? Some setting to be changed?. I already tried changing the ‘standard USB-configuration’ without success.
    Thanks for your answer.

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