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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G problems and solutions

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G problems and solutions
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The Samsung S21 5G was released back in mid-January 2021. It, for the most part, has been a great experience for most of its users but like any other smartphone, flagship or not, it has a few problems that are common across different smartphone brands. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and how to fix them, as a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G user or a prospective user. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G problem: Fast Battery drain

A couple of Samsung Galaxy S21 5G users have complained about how fast the battery drains. If you are facing this issue, here are some ways to fix it.

Antivirus and Cleaning Apps

Having apps like phone cleaner or other antivirus-based apps on your device can drain your battery at an alarming rate. They run in the background and drain your device’s battery life. Make sure to uninstall these apps.

Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is a factor that most smartphone users are aware of but some still set the brightness bar so high and wonder why their phone battery is getting drained. It does not just drain your battery it heats your smartphone too, and that can cause it to ultimately lag. Set the brightness low to avoid these problems.

Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G might be beautiful and captivating to look at, I mean it is a cool feature to have on any smartphone but it will drain your device’s battery power faster than a normal wallpaper would because the processors on the phone are being engaged and having to light up bright images. So, you might have to sacrifice your precious live wallpapers if you want your battery to last longer. 

Multiple Running Apps

Another reason a lot of people aren’t aware of is leaving multiple apps open and running on your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Honestly, it does not come to mind to clear them all up but they do drain the battery the longer you leave them. Clear all your apps on the app tab from time to time and how much smoother it is to run apps and games.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G problem: Overheating

There have been quite a few complaints from Samsung Galaxy S21 5G users saying that the phone overheats quickly. These have come from customers who say it was during casual use and those who say it was while gaming or doing something heavy. You will have to wait for future Samsung software updates for a significant change to the overheating problem. Here are things you can do for now to reduce it.

Running background apps

Close apps that you have running in the background that you are not using. These open apps added to whatever activity you might be engaged in will work the processor heavily and cause it to heat. 

Connectivity features

Now, we see, again, just how important it is to put off connectivity options that are in use. They don’t just contribute to one problem but multiple. Leaving your Wi-Fi, GPS, hotspot, e.t.c. will not just drain your battery but overheat your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. 


One of the most common reasons that users gave for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G overheating was gaming. They noticed how hot the phone got after a while of playing games. If you want to reduce how much the phone heats, then you might need to take breaks in between gaming hours or cut down the number of hours you spend gaming.

Bulky phone case

To help your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G dissipate heat, get a phone cover that gives it room to do so and not a bulky, thick one. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G problem: Laggy User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has top-notch processors and is fast to operate in its own right. Having said that it would take the device overheating for it to lag seriously. Other factors can cause overheating. Here are some ways to reduce lag on your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G.

•Reduce or limit the number of background apps in developer options.

•Try booting into safe mode.

  and look for improvements. if the device performs better, limit the number of background apps. You can do this by force closing the ones you don’t use.

•Restart your device.

•Ensure you have enough space for your device to run smoothly on.

These are the most common problems users have been facing, follow these instructions and look out for updates and you will enjoy the company of your device just fine. If you have any problem that was not mentioned, comment down below and we will get back to you.

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