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Samsung One UI Night Mode is fantastic: Here’s how to enable it

Avatar of Mobility Daddy By Mobility Daddy Jan23,2019
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I got the Android Pie + One UI update on my Galaxy S9+ last night and immediately tried out the new Samsung One UI Night Mode feature. Fantastic, I say. Stunning! Here are screenshots, as well as instructions on how to enable it.

Last night…. as is my habit, I did a manual software update prompt on, and like a dream, the Android Pie software notice showed up on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. You should have seen my excitement. I didn’t even hesitate: I initiated the download immediately, and within some minutes, I had Android 9 Pie and Samsung’s new One UI running on my phone.

Perhaps the feature I am most excited about is the system-wide dark theme that was supposedly built into One UI. So I dived into Settings -> Display -> Night Mode, and toggled the switch there. The S9+’s traditional white user interface immediately plunged into pitch darkness. Hallelujah!

This arguably the best thing to ever happen to an Android smartphone, I tell you. Yes; yes, I exaggerate. It isn’t. But it comes close, please. LOL.

The Night Mode does not impose a dark theme on 3rd party apps, though. Only the system user interface and Samsung’s own apps are affected. That is good enough for me. It is said that a picture speaks more volumes than a thousand words. Well, I will simply share screenshots of One UI’s Dark Mode in different menus and apps with you.

One UI Night Mode in Photos

This is where I enabled Night Mode in Settings:

samsung night mode settings
The Samsung One UI Night Mode switch

Night Mode: Drop-down Menu:

samsung one ui Night Mode dropdown menu

Night Mode Notifications Panel:

Samsung one ui Night Mode notifications

Night Mode: Recently Used Apps:

Samsung one ui Night Mode running apps

Night Mode: Messages:

Samsung one ui Night Mode Messages

Night Mode: Main Camera

samsung one Night Mode ui camera

Night Mode – Software Info:

samsung one ui Night Mode software info

Night Mode – Phone Dialler:

samsung one ui night mode Phone dialer

How to enable Samsung One UI Night Mode

Enabling the new dark mode in your Samsung phone is easy. First, your phone must have received the Android 9 Pie update. If it has, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Display.
  3. Look for Night mode and tap on the toggle to turn it on.

That is it for now. The One UI Night Mode feature will get some configurable options in the future, like the option to have it enabled automatically at night and disabled during the day.

Update, February 21, 2019: Samsung has released the update that lets you schedule Night Mode. Not sure why anyone will want to ever turn it off, but it is a good thing that the option is there.

Samsung One UI Night Mode Review Wrap Up

This dark theme looks fantastic across the device. If you do not like it, you can keep the traditional white system colour and not bother with black.

As for me, Paint It Black, please. I really, really hope that google implements a system-wide dark theme in Android OS with the release of Android Q later this year. I want the option to go black on any smartphone I use going forward. My full One UI review is on the way, so do not go away!

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