We have compiled the best free iPhone apps for your convenience if you are looking for free apps to use on your new iPhone. The

The Best Free iPhone Apps for 2019

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We have compiled the best free iPhone apps for your convenience if you are looking for free apps to use on your new iPhone.

The great news is that many of them are free, and the not so great news is that you have to sort out the apps yourself and that will be too much work because the apps are so much that you’ll not know which one to download. Fortunately for you, that’s the reason we created this list to help you sort them out by listing the best apps in each category we can think of.

If you do like any of the app in our list, freely download them into your phone, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Free iPhone Apps

best Free iPhone Apps


This is the app most people use for watching movies and TV series on their mobile device. The Netflix app gives you the best experience anytime and anywhere.


The YouTube app satisfies your needs for comedy skits, how-to videos, music videos, trending news, entertainment, and many more. There are so many channels you can subscribe to, you can also share the videos with friends and love ones.


Stay connected with your family and friends faster and easier with the Facebook mobile app. You get to share what’s on your mind, pictures, videos and some other things, and you also get to see what your family and friends are up to.


Are you looking for an easy way to capture your favorite moments in one app? The Instagram app is your best bet. You can get to know what your family and friends are up to by following them, you can also find out about Instagram accounts that share your interests by searching for their hashtags in the explore page.


This is an instant messaging app that gives you the ability to send text messages, voice calls, including video calls, audio, images and other media and documents, you can even share your current location with this application.


Twitter is an application where you can get the latest news, politics, entertainment, sports and your everyday interests. When something happens anywhere in the world, it had already happened on Twitter, there are even live streaming of events.


This application helps you find lively people in your environment. You get to communicate with them, right from the application and you are on the verge of going on your first date with someone you met on Tinder.


Match.com is an app that allow you to search for its members who are single and stay connected with your new matches on the go. This app has thousands of members you can chat with and also meet.


If you are looking for an app that has millions of products in which you can search from and purchase the one you want, the Amazon app is the one for you. You can shop through different categories and also check out mouth-watering deals.


Either you need to purchase a car or you want to get awesome bargains on furniture and more, you should check out Gumtree. You can purchase, sell and look for deals in your preferred location.


iPhone OLED screen


This app is unarguably the best to listen to free music on mobile phones and even tablets. You can search by artist, album or track and listen for free. You can also create and share your playlists, and there are also already created list for every genre, activity or mood.


SoundCloud is the biggest audio streaming platform in the world and it has more than one hundred and fifty million tracks. It has a very lively community where different musicians drop their latest music. You will find the music from next music stars and also from the music stars of the moment.


Musical.ly makes it seamlessly easy for you to create amazing short videos which you can share with the world.

Domino’s Pizza

You can search through all pizzas of your choice, desserts, drinks, and sides and make a purchase at the tap of a button and monitor your purchase with their in-app tracking system till it gets to your doorstep.


This is an app which counts your steps and tracks your activity, you even get paid digital currency (sweat coins) for your steps and you can use the currency to purchase sports kit, healthy nutrition, gadgets, fitness training and so many more.

30 Day Full Fitness Challenge

This is a workout plan created by a veteran fitness coach and it has been proven scientifically to improve your health and fitness. If you are determined and you follow the program, you will surely see great results.

8 Ball Pool

This is the best pool game in the world, ask any real gamer. You have the chance to join millions of pool players around the world, you can also join pool competitions, challenge your friends of even play against the world in 1v1 pool games. You can also win amazing rewards as you climb to the top.

Infinite Golf

This game is known for its ability to make you addicted to it. Its Golf course is infinity, how far can you go in this game? Make sure you check it out.

Google Photos

This is a photo gallery app powered by Google, created for how you take photos these days. Every photo and videos you take will be automatically backed up so you can find and share them faster.

Pic Collage

This app is your best bet when it comes to photo editing. With this app, you can collage photos into great photo collages with a magnificent design layout for Facebook and Instagram. It also has an amazing real-time filter camera.


Once can create great videos using amazing effects, filters, music and more and this is unarguably the best video app. The app lets you take videos and photos, edit them and share them with a few taps on your phone.


If you need to get somewhere and need reliable and fast rides in minutes, Uber I’d there for you. Either day or night, you don’t need to wait for a taxi or bus and it’s seamlessly easy to pay with either credit card or cash.


best Free iPhone Apps

Some Other Amazing Apps You Can Try Out

Besides the above-listed best free iPhone apps, there are scores of other free amazing apps in the Apple Store for you to explore. Here are some of them.

BBC iPlayer



MTV Play









Apple Music





Weight Loss Fitness

BetterMe: Workouts

Asphalt 8


Twisty Road

Finger Driver

Clash of Clans


Photoshop Express

Boomerang for Instagram


Air BnB

Google Maps


That is it on our roundup of the best free iPhone apps available in the Apple Store.

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  1. Strava
    Nike Run Club (unlike the above, it only focuses on running)
    Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

    Atomas – introduced to me by a colleague. As someone who didn’t study the sciences, it’s fascinating and a great way to while away the time. It doesn’t rely on the internet and utilities very little battery.
    PES Club Manager
    Elevate Brain Training

    Microsoft Outlook
    Authy (two-factor authentication)
    MyTuner (TuneIn is the better app in my opinion)
    LightBlue Explorer (I used this to find a Bluetooth device)

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