Samsung Shut Down Factory Owing To Fears Of The Deadly coronavirus

South Korean phone manufacturers Samsung have closed down a smartphone factory in South Korea. Reports say that a factory worker came down with the deadly coronavirus and had to be placed under quarantine.

The factory however would not be closed indefinitely, as it is set to be reopened today, with the affected floor to be ready for work on the 25th of February. Samsung maintained that display and chip makers across South Korea were not affected by this. The affected plant, located in Gumi is close to Daegu, which has also experienced an outbreak of the deadly virus.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x super Resolution Zoom - digital zoom or optical zoom

Samsung’s Gumi plant manufactures high-end handsets mainly for the South Korean market, but is also expected to cater to new arrivals like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. While this may not particularly have an immediate impact, it may lead to a bigger problem, as certain devices are already in short supply owing to the virus, and with another plant affected, this could affect the supply situation of Samsung devices.

With the resumption of work at this factory just around the corner, we hope that these setbacks do not overtly disrupt the flow of Samsung smartphones, especially with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip still relatively new in the market.

We hope that Samsung can handle this effectively and ensure that they can get their plants manufacturing at optimum level again.



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