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How to Speed up Chrome browser on your Android device

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Chrome browser on phone
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When it comes to the speed at which Chrome works on Android phones and tablets, it can be quite inconsistent and a little frustrating. It could be how long it takes to initially load or the page loading slowly as you scroll or the app itself just taking time to respond. 

As such, you will find that at intervals, you we’d to speed up Chrome browser on your Android device. Thankfully, there are a few simple tasks you can perform to do this. Let’s walk through them.

Speed up Chrome browser on your Android

Speed up Chrome browser on your Android: Update the App

The first thing you need to do is to check whether your Chrome app is updated or not. Using an older version of any app, not just Chrome, can result in you having problems with speed among other problems. Go to Google Play Store on your Android device, and check if your Chrome app has an older version installed. If it does, tap the “update” icon and check if the speed is any better when you launch it.

Speed up Chrome browser on your Android: Close all unused Tabs

Now, I am personally guilty of this one. With the number of tabs I have open, you would think I was recruiting soldiers. If you have multiple tabs that are not important or necessary, open on your Chrome app, and close them. It is the same way your phone overheats when you have so much going on while using it or leaving so many apps open and running in the background. Your Chrome app can be overworked and overused, and when this happens, it could slow down the speed. To close unused tabs on Chrome, do this:

•On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.

•To the right of the address bar, tap ”Switch tabs”. You’ll see your open Chrome tabs. Or for newer versions, tap on the little square at the top right that has little shapes or numbers in it.

•At the top right of the tab you want to close, tap Close. You can also swipe to close the tab.

Speed up Chrome browser on your Android: Close multiple running apps on your device

In relation to the previous point, leaving multiple apps running on your android can affect the performance and speed of whatever app you are currently using, Chrome included. To ensure maximum performance and speed, close all unnecessary apps you have running in the background.

Speed up Chrome browser on your Android: Clear Cached Data

It is common knowledge that when you have any app with performance and speed problems, clearing the cached data can significantly improve and possibly solve these problems. To clear your Chrome app’s cached data;

•Go to Settings

•Tap on “Apps”

•Tap on “Chrome”

•Select “Storage and cache”

•tap on “Clear cache”

It is even more effective if you do this at regular intervals. Depending on your workload on the browser, you can. Clear the cache weekly or monthly.

Speed up Chrome browser on your Android: Change your Preload settings

Chrome has been programmed to make searching and browsing faster by reloading pages it thinks you might visit. This does not endanger your privacy, Chrome uses cookies, encrypts, and sends pages through Google to hide your identity from sites. 

•On your Android device, open the Chrome app.

•To the right of the address bar, tap More More and then Settings.

•Tap on “Privacy and security” and then Preload pages.

•Select the preload setting that suits you.

Chrome browser is a resource hog and will slow down at some point in time. Imole.enting the above tricks and hacks will help keep it running smoothly

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