How to Step Out in Style with Your Gadgets: A Guide for Fashionable Tech Users

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In a recent article titled Mobile Design, Colours and Security, Mister Mobility pointed out how colourful mobiles may pose serious security threats in certain scenarios. Yes, we do need to be conscious of the environments in which we flash our darling devices. But then, what is a mobile device without the aesthetics, the attention grabbing, and the rank of dudes and babes that it places you in this incredible fashion-conscious society we are in today? Mobile device makers are speedily joining in the fashion trend that is blowing our generation away by designing and producing devices that blend into our fashion craze.

Mobile devices/accessories and fashion are fast becoming a complete blend. These products are highly fashion driven and, however we may see things, they compliment who you are and your taste in fashion.

step out stylishly with designer phone accessories
You can step out stylishly with designer phone accessories.

Style Is All In The Colours

Guys tend to go for the masculine colours, designs, and frames. And true to form, ladies have their preferences. For example, when a chick steps out with a white iPhone and another with the usual black and slate option, who attracts attention first and gets all the UuhsAwws, and Aahs? That is how crazy it has become. And trust me, it is not just ladies. I have a male friend who opted to pick the blue coloured Samsung S III instead of the black option. When I asked about it, his response was: “It’s more fashionable!!!”

Another friend upgraded from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S and chose the white option. I dared to ask him about it too. Here is what he said to me: “I have always used black phones. I needed a change, and you know what? Everywhere I step in, I am noticed because I have with me a white phone.”

Phone Cases And Pouches

Coming home to a ‘freak’ like me, I used to have three different phone covers in three different colours… (oh Chika don’t start, you still do). Okay. I confess. I still have them – pink, black, and white phone covers for my iPhone4. Shameful much; huh? But that is the deal with fashion and mobile devices. Catch me with a pink phone cover, then check out my outfit for the day. There must be a touch of pink or a complete colour blocking going on somewhere on my body.

The idea is that if you can’t get the variety of colours in phones, use colourful phone covers to complement your dressing for the day. That’s the way to go. *wink wink* And did I mention my screen cover? Take a look:

diamond studded phone cover
A diamond studded phone cover

Shall we talk about tablet casings, especially those for iPads? You need to check out the websites of the Who is Who in fashion, ranging from LV, Balenciaga, Burberry Channel, Cole Mckenzie, Gucci, Hermie, Hugo Boss, and Jimmy Shoo, to mention a few. Everyone knows that mobile fashion is big business. Who steps out with fashionable iPad covers and don’t get the stares of his or her life?

You Cn Be Fashionable With Earphones, Too

A colleague recently saw my Lady Gaga The Beats earphones and went bonkers just because they are in red colour and matched my outfit for the day (though that wasn’t premeditated). You may also need to check out earphones branded to Skullcandy, Ludacris, 50cents, Phillips and Sony. These are all highly desirable fashion items.

A special edition monster beats red
A special edition Monster Beats headphones in red

Next time you have an outing, be sure to step out decked in style. Match your phone with your outfit to make a statement among your peers. Image is everything!

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