Kindle App

Kindle App and Amazon’s Stupid Location Discrimination

What does Kindle mean by this? Are there books that our Internet bundles can’t download? Are there books we can’t afford to read and understand? Are there things we from this clime aren’t suppose to know or learn from their books? Are there books that we can’t pay for? Or are there books that the payment with African Cards can’t afford to be debited for? They would prefer that I lie about my location so I can buy a book? A friggin’ book?

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Ringtone Mania!

I just realized a very troubling thing while I was discussing with my friend on how blank I was… I have two phones. I call one a ‘dumb smart’ phone and that has Chris Brown’s “Deuces” as the ringtone. Then the ‘smart smart’ phone which has Rihanna’s “Diamonds” as the ringtone. Can you see the troubling thing now? Hmmmm…

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