How to Stop iPhone Notifications in Do Not Disturb Mode

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Normally, turning on Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone should silence incoming calls while you are involved in activities and would rather not be interrupted by notifications or calls. However, even when DND is activated, you may still receive notifications sometimes.

If you often find yourself getting disturbed by calls even with your iPhone in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, it may be happening due to several reasons, provided in this article. We’ve also provided instructions you can follow to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturb Mode.

How to Stop iPhone Notifications in Do Not Disturb Mode

Why Do I Still Get Notifications in Do Not Disturb Mode?

Some people and apps are essential, therefore you may want their calls, messages, and notification alerts to override Do Not Disturb on your iPhone and reach you even in that mode. It’s therefore possible that you’ve added such apps as an exception if you’re receiving alerts while DND is in effect. 

Also, other iPhone users can tell if your phone is on DND, and if they select the option to Notify Anyway, you’ll typically still get notifications even with your iPhone in DND mode. Not to worry though, you can resolve this problem and stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturb mode using the instructions in the next section.

How Can I Stop iPhone Notifications in Do Not Disturb Mode?

If you’re trying to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturbmode, follow the instructions below.

Remove App Exceptions for Do Not Disturb Mode

One way to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturb mode is to remove app exceptions from DND. 

To do this, follow these steps:

● Select Focus in the iPhone Settings window.

● Click on Do Not Disturb.

● Check under Allowed Notifications to see if there are any apps in this section. If so, select Apps.

● For each desired app, click on the minus (-) button, or choose the option to Remove All > Remove Apps.

Afterwards, no apps should be able override DND mode and send you notifications when the feature is turned on.

Toggle off time-sensitive notifications

Time-sensitive notifications are typically important and need your immediate attention. As such, apps that aren’t even included in the list of Allowed Notifications may still send alerts if the Time Sensitive setting is turned on.

So, if you want to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturbmode, you should also consider disabling Time Sensitive notifications

How to do it is as follows:

● Open Settings on your iPhone and select Focus > Do Not Disturb.

● Under Allowed Notifications, choose Apps.

● Turn off  the Time Sensitive toggle.

Disable Focus Status

Another way to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturbmode is to disable Focus Status. This feature typically informs other iPhone users that you have turned off your notifications, and offers them the choice to Notify Anyway.

You can toggle the setting to turn off Focus Status. Once you turn this off, other iPhone users won’t be able to tell if you have silenced your notifications. Also, with this setting and your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode, they won’t have the choice to Notify Anyway.

Even if Focus Status is disabled, you can always allow notifications from some specific persons in an emergency. You can use this to exclude everyone besides the ones you trust. In this manner, you can stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturb mode, avoid distractions and still ensure that nothing crucial is missed.

Completely turn off Notify Anyway

Another option you have to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturb mode is to completely disable the Notify Anywayoption. If you do this, no one who texts you will be able to“Notify Anyway” or see that you have your notifications turned off. This will make the option unavailable to everyone. 

You’ll need to carry out this action for every Focus choice separately. You can do it as follows:

● Go to Settings on your iPhone.

● Tap Focus.

● Select a focus mode, such as Do Not DisturbGaming, etc.

● Tap Focus Status.

● Also deactivate the Share Focus Status option

If “Share Across Devices” is enabled in Settings > Focus, your focus settings will be shared throughout your Apple devices if you have other devices logged in with the same Apple ID. 

In summary, it’s pretty easy to stop iPhone notifications in Do Not Disturb Mode. Just make sure you follow the instructions we’ve provided correctly so you can achieve the results you desire.

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