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Use The Best Email Verification Tools, For Better Results

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Dec16,2022
Best Email Verification Tools
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An expanding email list doesn’t necessarily provide fruitful outcomes, despite what many people think. Deliverability and conversion rates tend to suffer if you send mass email campaigns to just any email address without proper planning.

If your sent emails keep bouncing, email service providers can potentially classify you as spam. This is why you need to consider using one of the best email verification tools to quickly and effectively remove suspect email addresses from your mailing list. In this guide, we’ve provided our picks for the list of best email verification tools. Keep reading to find out the benefits they offer and how you can take advantage of them for effective mailing.

Best Email Verification Tools

What are the Best Email Verification Tools?

Below, we have suggested several of the best email verification tools that you can use to optimize your mailing list and get the best results with your email marketing campaigns.


Emailable is one of the best email verification tools, especially for email marketing specialists. The platform has a powerful API that can scan up to 2.5 million email addresses in one batch. Verification costs for each contact start at $0.006. If your database has over 2 million leads, you can reduce your expense to $0.00135 per unique verification.

Emailable differs from other email verification tools in that it analyzes each mailbox in great detail. It determines the name and gender of each account’s registered user, watches people who block your emails, and keeps track of where your emails land in their inboxes. Other platforms simply categorize leads as valid or invalid.

In terms of email marketing systems that integrate effectively with Emailable’s API, some examples like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, and Mailchimp are just a few.


The email verification platform that Clearout provides is strong and all-inclusive, making it one of the best email verification tools. It also produces leads and identifies prospect contacts, but its main objective is to remove invalid email addresses from mailing lists. 

Functionality-wise, Clearout’s API can check up to one million email addresses in a single batch and does 1,000 verifications on average every minute. It should be noted, though, that Clearout restricts its batch sizes to allow for more thorough sorting.

The platform evaluates contacts in light of risk variables, including deliverability, server configuration, and account designations. All empty mailboxes are checked right away, and the rest are given a more thorough inspection. You’ll typically find all status findings available in Clearout’s in-depth reports.


If you’re seeking an email verification product that is developer-friendly, one of the best email verification tools you should think about using is NeverBounce. 

It offers a simple API and synchronizing tool. When you link the application to your favorite mailing list platform or email service provider, it will begin automatically validating your database every day. You’ll also receive regular updates on mailboxes that are obsolete, duplicate, and invalid.

Another cool advantage is that you’ll typically receive 1,000 free verifications each month, so if you own a business with modest mailing lists, you get to minimize expenses with this email verification tool.


If you lack marketing knowledge yet want to ramp up your campaigns, Kickbox is one of the best email verification tools to explore. From email verification to mailbox placement testing, the platform offers a full-suite platform with all you’ll need to kickstart your email outreach plan. Any website that gathers contact information can incorporate its API.

Additionally, the pay-as-you-go fees are reasonable. Your first 100 verifications after signing up are free, but you’ll need $5 to validate 500 distinct email addresses.

You should also explore the DMARC monitoring of the platform in addition to email verification. An email authentication technique called Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) aids in preventing fraudsters from using your domain to launch phishing attacks. This guarantees extra protection for you and your clients if you learn how to use DMARC.

In summary, when you’re equipped with one of the best email verification tools such as we’ve suggested in this guide, your email marketing efforts can produce more satisfying results. Consider our suggestions for the best email verification tools and choose which one works best for your needs.

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