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See the first passenger drone on its maiden public flight

EHang 184 This is the world's first passenger drone

The world’s first passenger drone is a self-driving, electrically powered helicopter-like vehicle made by Chinese tech company. The EHang 184 made its first public flight in the southern city of Guangzhou on Tuesday, 6th February 2018.

China’s censorship laws get tighter than ever

censorship in China

China has made yet another effort to make its censorship more serious. This time around, however, things are tighter than ever. According to some new rules published by China’s main internet sensor, people who wantRead More

These MEA countries have cheap mobile phones, expensive data

cheap mobile phones tecno

Data is not cheap in Nigeria. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that. The trend got better in recent years, mostly because of the competitive pricing by telecom networks. According to a reportRead More

These mobile brands are owned by BBK Electronics

BBK Electronics

You may not know it, but three forward-looking smartphone brands (and a more recent one) in the market are owned by a company called BBK Electronics. BBK Electronics Corporation is a Chinese company specialized inRead More

When Tesla decides to build a factory in China

Tesla Motors

Ever heard of battery powered cars? They do exist. The most popular are the ones from Tesla. Not just that, these cars are also smart. A Tesla ride can drive itself along highways, switch lanes, andRead More