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The Top 20 Vivo Phones with Gorilla Glass

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Vivo S10 Pro specs and price
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Searching for Vivo phones with Gorilla Glass is a tough job, it seems. But we exist here at MobilityArena to make your mobile life easier and provide you with the information you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Smartphone maker, Vivo, uses different protective cover glass brands depending on the class of phones. As such, some Vivo have SCHOTT Xensation glass, and some use Gorilla Glass. Skip down to see the list of Vivo smartphones that have Gorilla Glass protected screens.

The S10 Pro is one of the Vivo phones with Gorilla Glass.

List of Vivo phones with Gorilla Glass

  1. IQOO 5
  2. S7
  3. X60
  4. X60 Pro
  5. X27
  6. X21
  7. X20
  8. X20 Plus
  9. X20 Plus UD
  10. V7+
  11. Y83 Pro
  12. Y81
  13. Y53
  14. Xplay 5
  15. Xplay 6
  16. Y67
  17. X5s
  18. Y66
  19. X9
  20. X9P

The above list is not exhaustive, as there are other Vivo smartphones out there with Gorilla Glass displays. Also, new Vivo smartphones get released each year. When shopping, do ask direct questions. Or check for the specs of whichever Vivo phones catch your fancy.

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