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Top 5 Mobile Phone Brands in the USA in 2022: Go Big Or Go Home

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The United States has a massive and vibrant smartphone market made up of both big and small mobile phone brands. It is also a tough market to penetrate. As such, those that make it to the top 5 mobile phone brands in the US have got a good thing going for them. It is an exclusive club.

LG exited the smartphone business in 2021. While its devices are still in the hands of people, and some models are still on sale, brands like Samsung, Motorola and OnePlus have taken advantage of the exit to grab small chunks of the smartphone market in the United States of America.

But the dominant players have stayed the same: Apple and Samsung. Between them, the two brands account for about 77% of devices in the US smartphone market.

top 5 mobile phone brands in the US

The top 5 mobile phone brands in the US smartphone market

Apple 42%

Apple is the undisputed king of the US smartphone market. Americans are simply in love with the iPhone, and that’s that. This is despite the fact that there are no low-end iPhones. Still, thanks in part to the US credit system, millions of Americans splurge on the latest iPhone models year after year.

Samsung 35%

in second place on the list of the top 5 mobile phone brands in the USA is Korean brand, Samsung Mobile. Thy are the world’s largest Android phone maker and they have planted their feet firmly in the United States, following close behind Apple. It is safe to say that should Apple falter, Samsung will be there in a breath to take the number one spot.

Lenovo/Motorola 8%

Americans are largely ignorant of Lenovo as a brand, but they know Motorola. Motorola started out as an American brand decades ago, before being sold to Lenovo after a poor stint with Google.

Lenovo was wise to leave the Motorola and Moto brand names intact, otherwise there’d be no appearing on this list. As it is, since the advent of iOS and Android, Motorola has struggled to play in the big league.

3rd place in the US smartphone market is not bad, but it is a poor 3rd place. That massive gap between Motorola and Samsung means the 3rd spot is available to any takers.

TCL/Alcatel 5%

TCL is another Chinese brand that has producing Alcatel-branded phones for years now, so this is not the old Alcatel that oldies used to know. They also now make phones under the TCL brand directly.

OnePlus 3%

OnePlus built a fanatical fan base of supporters and lovers from their early years of producing flagship killers and from the clean and simple, near stock Android user interface that OxygenOS is. Most of their sales in the US and elsewhere is via online channels.

The brand has since switched strategy and are now producing proper premium flagships. And now, OxygenOS is giving way to OPPO’s ColorOS. Not a lot of OnePlus fans are happy about that. Will this affect sales and get them kicked off the list of the top 5 mobile phone brands in the USA? Time will tell.

The above-listed are the top 5 mobile phone brands in the USA. As you can see, it is largely a duopoly held between Apple and Samsung. All others are merely struggling for crumbs. The gap between number 2 and number 3 is so massive that it will take a cataclysmic event to unseat either Apple or Samsung.

The Google Pixel brand has failed to make any appreciable gains in the US market – or any other market around the world for that matter. And that is a big waste of potentials.

Similarly, other smaller smartphone brands like BLU, Nokia, and Wiko remain niche players, selling miniscule amounts of phones that cater largely to the budget end of the smartphone market.

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