Travel CEO Picks: Matt Keezer Lists His Top 3 Travel Apps That Don’t Start With “Google”

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While travelling is still viewed by some as an opportunity to unplug from your digital self more and more people are utilizing apps to make their travels simpler, safer, and more fun. While mapping, translation, and currency converters remain the golden standards of travel applications, there are numerous apps out there that put a different spin on the genre. As a founder with experience across the tech spectrum, including travel, Matt Keezer, who helped found FlightHub in 2012, seemed like the perfect person to ask about these off the beaten path apps. He provided me with his top 3 travel apps for those looking for more than just the basics.

Top 3 travel apps

Travel List

Travel List is an app that is dedicated to making sure that you have everything you need before you leave home. Designed to work with your phone’s calendar, this app is fully customizable to incorporate all kinds of trips, from road trips to the country, to business trips with several destinations. Scheduled alerts can remind you not just of general items, but time sensitive ones like chargers, devices, and documents you need to pack for specific trips.

Gate Guru

While many apps can track your flights, none do it as thoroughly as Gate Guru. This app goes beyond itineraries according to Keezer, giving you detailed information about the specific amenities available at the terminals you’ll be visiting and maps of the airports you’ll need to navigate over the course of your travels. Additional info includes weather, time zones, and other tips for surviving your latest airport experience.


While no one expects to find trouble on vacation it is always wise to plan for it. While nothing beats travel insurance for ensuring your overseas safety, apps like ICE can be a lifesaver. More or less a MedicAlert bracelet built into your phone, ICE can provide first responders with information regarding allergies, insurances, medical conditions, and medications all without unlocking your phone. This can obviously be a huge help if you find yourself needing medical aid while abroad.

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