Make your own music video with a music video creator app

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Do you like music videos? Do you want to make your own? There’s a lot of work that goes into making a music video. But you can skip all that and just record a music video with your phone, using an music video creator app. Note that this is just for fun. if you want to shoot an actual music video, this isn’t what you need. One

For example, there’s a great music video creator app called Triller. This app allows you to record yourself lip-syncing to any song of your choice. You can record yourself as much as you want. After making as many recordings as you like, Triller creates a decent music video. This video will consist of the recording you made, along with the sound from the original song. You can also edit the video by adding filters, removing parts of it and adding other effects. Once you are done, you can share the video on your social media video creator app, Triller

Triller does sound like a dumb idea at first. I mean, why would you make a music video and have your voice cut out? But when you try it, you see that it actually is fun to watch yourself pretend to be a huge pop star. This music video creator app, along with many others, is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You can also check out other great video apps like Funimate,, Dubsmash and VivaVideo. Go ahead and make a music video today.

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