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UK mobile masts get damaged over 5G coronavirus fake news; carriers respond

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Vodafone UK masts damaged over 5G coronavirus fake news
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Fake news causes real damage, and in the last one week, a string of 5G coronavirus fake news have spread around the world like wildfire. Whether it is in North America, Europe or even in Africa, where 5G networks barely exist, there has been a fire burning out of control and it has claimed its first victims in the United Kingdom (UK).

Over the weekend, some mobile masts belonging to Vodafone and O2 in the UK were damaged by irate individuals who believe that coronavirus is caused by 5G or that it is a cover-up for some stealth 5G operation. Of course, coronavirus is not caused by 5G and it is not a cover-up of any sort. As a matter of fact, 5G radiation is not dangerous.

Vodafone UK masts damaged over 5G coronavirus fake news

The Guardian reports that “at least 20 mobile phone masts across the UK are believed to have been torched or otherwise vandalised since Thursday” over the baseless 5G coronavirus fake news and conspiracy theories.

In response to the 5G coronavirus fake news and the consequent damage to telecom infrastructure, the 4 major UK networks released a joint statement on Sunday:

“Our networks provide essential connectivity to our emergency services and the NHS; they enable families to check in on their isolated or vulnerable loved ones; parents to teach their children from home, and millions to be informed and entertained as they stay home.

“We are 100% focused on making sure the UK’s mobile and broadband networks are resilient, ensuring you, your families and businesses, can keep connected when you need it most.

“Sadly, we have experienced cases of vandals setting fire to mobile masts, disrupting critical infrastructure and spreading false information suggesting a connection between 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no scientific evidence of any link between 5G and coronavirus. Fact.

“Stopping this is critical to keeping your communities connected. Not only are these claims baseless, they are harmful for the people and businesses that rely on the continuity of our services. They have also led to the abuse of our engineers and, in some cases, prevented essential network maintenance taking place.

“Please help us to make this stop. If you witness abuse of our key workers please report it. If you see misinformation, please call it out. Your help will make a real difference. Thank you for your support as we work together to keep our nation connected.”

The Guardian report says that many of the masts that were damaged were actually 3G and 4G equipment. It isn’t likely that anyone who thinks that there is a link between 5G and coronavirus will be able to differentiate between 4G and 5G anyway.

Hopefully, this sludge of fake news will be nipped in the bud before it causes heavier damage.

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