Between AMOLED and IPS LCD Displays: Which is better?

The world of smartphones can get very confusing for the non-technical person. Actually, I am aware that it is also complicated for quite a number of technically-minded people too. As a layman, you probably do not care about the technical jargons. But you do want to understand what you’re buying better. Displays are a huge part of the smartphone experience. Right now, it is a battle between AMOLED and IPS LCD displays. Which do you go for? I break it down for you below in simple language.

AMOLED and IPS LCD Displays

AMOLED Displays

Here are the characteristics of AMOLED displays:

  1. Deep blacks
  2. Vibrant colors
  3. AMOLED displays conserve battery life
  4. Better viewing angles
  5. Thinner displays
  6. AMOLED displays degrade over time, resulting in reduced colour saturation

IPS LCD Displays

Here are the things to note about IPS LCD (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display) displays:

  1. Bright whites
  2. Better daylight readability
  3. Sharper text and images
  4. IPS LCD displays are more power hungry
  5. They also tend to be bulkier

AMOLED and IPS LCD Displays: Which is better?

There you go. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what each type of display delivers. Which is better? That is a very subjective matter. It is a question of what you prefer.

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