Unfortunately PPSSPP Has Stopped Working: Solutions

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If you play action-packed PSP games like God of War, Dragon Ball Z, Pro Evolution Soccer, and others, then you use a PSP emulator. During game play, you may have run into an error that says Unfortunately PPSSPP Has Stopped after which the game crashes.

The error is fairly common on phones with low-end hardware. We explain what is behind the problem and then walk you through the steps to take to solve it. It is fairly easy to follow.

Unfortunately PPSSPP Has Stopped: Understanding The Problem

Games that uses the PPSSPP emulator are often highly intensive. As such, the Unfortunately PPSSPP has stopped error happens when a device has limited resources (e.g. processor and storage) to handle the demands of the game.

In other words, it is all about the performance capabilities of your phone: how powerful the processor and graphics unit are, how much space it has to devote to the game. This is why the error happens more on low-end mobile devices. More powerful, more capable phones, can handle things more smoothly.

There are two main ways to make your phone handle things better, namely:

  1. make more resources available to the game;
  2. modify the settings of the emulator to reduce resource demand on the phone during game play.

Come with us as we walk you through both solutions in the instructions below.

Solution One for Unfortunately PPSSPP has stopped error

Delete as many stored files as possible to create more space on your phone.

Your phone should have a file manager built in. Even if it does not, you can easily download one from Google Play Store. Open the file manager and browse around to delete as many heavy files as you can discard.

Usually, videos, images, and APK installation files are the heaviest files you will find on a phone. Delete as many as you no longer need. This will free up more space on your phone. Try to see if you can free up at least 5 GB of storage space.

The Unfortunately PPSSPP Has Stopped Working error shows up while playing games.

Solution Two for Unfortunately PPSSPP has stopped error

This time, we are going to tweak or tune the PPSSPP emulator to be less demanding on your smartphone. Don’t get scared. The steps are easy to carry out.

  1. Open the PPSSPP emulator app, go to Options -> Settings -> Graphics -> Backend, and select Vulkan.
  2. Go back to Graphics, select Frameskipping, and uncheck Auto Frameskip.
  3. Check Prevent FPS from exceeding 60.
  4. For Alternative Speed, enter “0” .
  5. Up next, select Post processing shader, and toggle it off. Uncheck Fullscreen. Remember that your device is low on resources and you are trying to turn off anything that will place an extra demand on it.
  6. Tap Rendering resolution, and set it to 1x Rendering resolution.
  7. Check the following: Vertex cacheLazy texture caching (speedup), and Disable slower effects (speedup).
  8. Look for Upscale level and turn it off.
  9. Go to the Hack Settings menu and disable the following:
    • Timer Hack;
    • Disable alpha test.
  10. Tap on Lower resolution for effects (reduces artifacts), and toggle it off.

At this point, you have disabled most of the demanding features of the app and you should be able to play your favourite games without the dreaded Unfortunately PPSSPP has stopped error popping up again.

PSP emulator PPSSPP for android and ios

Fine-tune For Your Device

Because there is a wide range of smartphones and configurations out there, you might encounter one or two glitches after implementing the above settings. As such, your phone might require one or two features above set differently.

What to do is toggle back one feature at a time and testing to see if things run smoothly after doing so.

Note that you may need to combine the two solutions we spelled out above. You may need to free up space on your Android phone and tweak the PPSSPP emulator settings.

That is it! Now you know how to get rid of the Unfortunately PPSSPP has stopped error and enjoy your favourite games on your smartphone.

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