Here are quick and easy tips on how to connect and use a lapel mic, AKA lavalier microphone, with Android phones.


Use a Lapel Mic with your Phone for better Video Recording: a Quick Guide

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With so many smartphones with good cameras out there, getting started as a video vixen – or fox – has never been easier. However, if you want decent audio on your recorded videos, you should get a lapel mic. A lapel mic has a 3.5mm jack that plugs into your phone’s 3.5mm audio port and is pinned on your clothing so it captures your voice well even when your recording Android phone is some distance away or when there is some background noise. Here is a quick guide on how to use a lapel mic with your phone for video recording.


PS: A lapel mic is also called a lavalier mic or clothes mic, so feel free to use the terms interchangeably as we do in this article. Also, this article focuses on how to use one of these mics with an Android phone or tablet.

Get a lavalier/lapel mic

lavalier lapel mic


There is a lavalier mic for everyone. That means you can get rock bottom-priced ones for as low as $6 (N2,000) or for as high as $170 (N60,000). Your budget won’t be a problem. And the cheap ones do a good job too. I have tested a $6 lav mic with the Nokia 7 Plus and found it satisfactory.

So, go shopping and get one right now. And be sure to get one with as long a cable as possible. Also, while you can find a basic lavalier mic for as low as $6, what you want to do is get the highest quality that your budget can accomodate. So, look around for something that offers more than the basics.


Get a compatible video recording app

Using a lapel mic with your phone is not as straightforward as just plugging it in and starting to record. You need an app that lets you select an external mic for use when recording your video.

The app should also let you use your phone’s selfie camera, if you are recording alone. Using your selfie camera means you can see how you are being captured in the recording and can adjust. If you have a video cameraman who handles the recording, this isn’t important.

So, what video recording app do I recommend? I have tested a handful and finally settled for HD Camera and Video REC as the best of the lot. It is built on Open Camera app and performs much better. The user interface is simple and it provides all the options I need.


You can download it HERE.

Of course, there are others out there, including paid apps that you can buy if you really want to go all the way.

use lapel mic or lav mic with your Android phone for video recording


Set Things Up

To set things up, open the HD Camera and Video REC app, tap the Settings icon, select “Video settings…“, and scroll down to where it says, “Audio source“, tap it, then choose “External mic (if present)” from the available options.

From now, any time you want to record a video and have the clothes mic plugged in, it will use that for audio recording.


That is it. You have your smartphone and lapel mic setup and ready to record great videos with solid audio. I wish you a successful career as a vlogger or video content creator.

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  2. Thank you for this, will get myself one, didn’t know about the video recording apps.

  3. Hi. I’m trying to buy a lavalier mic for my Nokia 7 plus. This article is very helpful. Could you please tell me what brand of lavalier microphone you bought, and if it’s still as good as when you wrote this article. Thank you.

  4. Hello genieslamp,

    Thanks for reading. The mic I bought was one of those cheap, nameless ones. I took it out again to check for any branding on it: none.

    And yes; it still works as good. I bought this one for review purposes…to demonstrate that a mic avtually makes a difference. You should get a brand name model for serious work. You will get even better results that way.

    I hope that helps.

  5. I would like to know if 2 lapel mics can each connect or pair with 1 smartphone or is it 1 microphone and 1 smartphone. I would like to use these for a church service. You advice is wonderful. Thank you.

  6. Hello Sally,

    If using a mic with a cable, you can only plug in one at a time. There might be an adaptor that enables you to plug in more than one though, so you might want to hunt around for that.

    Also, I have not played around with Bluetooth mics, but I suspect that, like some earbuds, there will be models that can pair and connect two at a time to one smartphone.

  7. Ok, Mister Mobility…. Have been scouring the Internet to figure out how to get my lapel mic to work for my phone. After MANY articles, videos, and apps … YOUR solution is it! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    p.s. Your link to the app is broken, but by hovering over it, I found the keywords to use at Google Play.

  8. Hello David,

    I am glad you found the article helpful. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Meanwhile, I clicked on the app downlaod link just now and it worked. Thanks agin, for the feedback. Appreciated.

  9. If I may ask can a lavalie mic work on Tecno pop f2
    Coz for me I have been trying hard but it’s not working what am I supposed to do

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