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VOIP Phone Service Comparison and Reviews

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VOIP Phone Service comparison and review
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VoIP is essentially the modern-day commercial phone systems. Desktop phones used to be connected to analog PBX (Private Branch eXchange) systems, but modern VoIP solutions use platforms that are cloud-based to route digital calls over the internet. Additionally, they now offer capabilities like SMS, text chat, video calling, and more in addition to voice capability.

In this comparison guide, we’ll show you the best VOIP phone services and highlight the features that make them stand out from the rest.

VOIP Phone Service comparison and review

What are the Best VOIP Phone Services?

It can be difficult to match your specific needs with the ideal technology because VoIP is an established market with many participants. While some suppliers focus on serving clients with basic needs, others cater to customers with specific requirements. 

So, we’ve looked for the top solutions and compared their best features to help you understand your options and make a decision.  Based on our findings, the best VOIP phone services have been described below:

Intermedia Unite

Intermedia provides a fantastic VoIP communications system with Unite that scales from small to medium-sized organizations to large enterprises. 

For each subscription seat, the service includes complimentary phones or related devices (cameras, headsets). Also, its emphasis on connecting with third-party software makes it appealing for organizations looking to support help desks and customer relationship management (CRM) further.

So we’ll recommend Intermedia Unite as one of the best VOIP phone services if your business is seeking a general-purpose VoIP phone system. While not being the most affordable corporate VoIP service among our suggestions, it provides enough flexibility and functionality to expand with your company. 

If you’re searching for a VoIP solution that tightly integrates with Microsoft Teams, it’s also a fantastic option. Note that it has some downsides though—not dealbreakers in our opinion, but still worth knowing about:

● Contacts must first be imported and synced via a mobile app. 

● restricted call monitoring capabilities 

● Microsoft Edge isn’t supported by a new Chrome web app.

RingCentral MVP

RingCentral’s commercial VoIP solutions have long been impressive by many standards. The most recent version, known as RingCentral MVP, stands for “messaging, video, and phone,” indicating a shift away from fundamental voice services and toward a unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) strategy. 

Additionally, RingCentral has demonstrated its dependability in situations with a high volume of calls, something that many of its competitors struggle with. Particularly impressive are the features for call analysis and transcription powered by AI. We also value RingCentral’s administrative features, which provide administrators with a wealth of options in a simple to use interface.

Similar to Intermedia Unite, RingCentral MVP is a well-rounded platform with almost all the features a small to midsize business would require. Considering the price, though, it looks like RingCentral would be more appealing if you anticipate a high call traffic. This is because there are no restrictions on the number of people you can add to your subscription for even its mid-level pricing tiers. 

Based on these features, RingCentral MVP is unarguably one of the best VOIP phone services, but still consider these downsides before you make a decision:

● Limited options for report customization 

● Configuration is tediously wizard-based

8×8 eXperience Communications as a Service

As seen by its new (and somewhat complex) branding, 8×8 has fully committed to UCaaS. All of your business conversations and conferences will have a unified experience, and 8×8 consistently releases new features and improvements. 

The new Frontdesk feature, which launched with the most recent edition, is one instance. Small businesses can more easily imitate the classic receptionist’s desk thanks to the application.

Even though 8×8 lacks some of its rivals’ more sophisticated capabilities, we still think it’s a future-thinking contender, and one of the best VoIP phone services in the market for small to midsize businesses. 

Its emphasis on UCaaS exemplifies its innovative mindset and should appeal to any firm that wants to take full advantage of what software-based calling and conferencing solutions have to offer. Its pricing may also be more alluring to businesses on a budget who don’t require all of the features offered by its top rivals.

Based on these features, 8×8 can join the list of the best VOIP phone services, but also take note of some significant downsides:

● Certain user settings can only be changed in bulk 

● Analytics reports can’t be configured 

On the list of the best VOIP phone services, you may also find other options such as Vonage Business Communications, Grasshopper, Dialpad, and Microsoft Teams Phone, among others. These options have varying features that could work for you based on your specific needs.

In summary, we hope these suggestions for the best VOIP phone services help to simplify your choice and get the best of easy, seamless communication.

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