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How to watch HBO Max in the UK

How to watch HBO Max in the UK
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Viewers in a handful of countries in Europe are joining US viewers to enjoy scores of movie titles and shows, and you want to join in the party and be able to watch HBO Max in the UK. Unfortunately, while the video streaming service is now available in Europe, it is not in the United Kingdom. Due to an existing deal with Sky, HBO Max is not available in the land of the Queen. If you really want to watch HBO Max in the UK, though, it isn’t exactly a difficult proposition.

As with almost any other digital service that is not officially available to a region, the restriction can be bypassed easily. Every day around the world, millions of people enjoy services that are not officially available in their countries and regions, and this is true for HBO Max as well.

3 Steps to Watch HBO Max in the UK

  • Download and install a VPN
  • Activate and set up your VPN
  • Sign up for HBO Max and start watching

The above-listed steps are easy and straightforward. There are a few things you need to know, though, so don’t run away yet.

How to watch HBO Max in the UK
Follow these steps to watch HBO Max in the UK

How to watch HBO Max in the UK using a VPN

A VPN – that is virtual private network, in full – allows you to change your IP address, so your location is masked, and you can appear to be accessing a service from a different location. For example, if a VPN assigns you an American IP address, using it will present you as browsing from the US, and so give you access to content that is restricted to that country.

We already know that HBO Max is available in the US, so it is a good idea to get a VPN that can assign you a US IP address. You can also use any VPN that assigns you an IP address in any of the other countries where HBO Max is available. We do think that a US IP address is your best bet.

What VPN apps should you use? There are scores of them, and most are good. WindScribe VPN is one. ProtonVPN is another. Both are available for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Again, you can search for others and pick which you feel the most comfortable with. Do note that while many VPNs offer some free usage, if you are going to be streaming video, you will consume a lot of bandwidth and definitely require a paid subscription. Yes; there is that small extra cost if you want to watch HBO Max in the UK.

Once you have downloaded and installed a VPN app on your smartphone, activate it and then browse to the HBO website to subscribe to the service. Note that you must always have your VPN on and assigned any time you want to do anything on the HBO platform. Failure to do this means that you will be denied access, and at the very worst, your account can be frozen or banned. HBO is well within their rights to do that.

In signing up for the HBO video streaming service, you will need a US debit/credit card. There are a number of digital services that offer you one, so be sure to sign up for one before trying to subscribe. One of such services is Amazon US. Sign up for one and use it to pay for your HBO Max subscription.

Once you have done that, it is time to enjoy those shows you risked everything for. You should now be able to watch HBO Max in the UK, and enjoy your favourite titles. Again, do not forget that you need to have your VPN active every time you want to interact with the HBO Max website or app. Otherwise, poof!

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