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What is a flagship smartphone or device?

ByMister Mobility

Jul 14, 2016

The word “flagship” is derived from the navy. By definition, it is a vessel that carries the commander of a fleet or subdivision of a fleet and flies the commander’s flag. Because it carries the commander, it is usually the largest, most powerful and certainly the most important vessel in the fleet. Note that distinction: the most powerful and most important.

NNS Thunder - flagship

What Makes A Flagship?

Here is the thing: the size or power of flagships depend on the size and power of the individual navies in the picture. For example, the Nigerian Navy and the Royal Navy are miles apart in both size and firepower. While the Royal Navy has approximately 77 ships, the Nigerian navy has only 40. Also, the ships that are classified as flagships in the Royal Navy are much bigger, much more powerful than those deployed as flagships by the Nigerian Navy.

HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy flagship, can transport up to 15 Harrier fighter jets on board. The Nigerian Navy flagship, NNS Thunder, is a much smaller vessel that can carry only one helicopter. Yet, both are flagships. If NNS Thunder were in the Royal Navy, it would be one of the ships under the command of HMS Ocean.

Specific To Each Brand’s Might

For example, when it is stated that the SOLO Aspire 3 is a flagship, it really is one. It is the most powerful and most important smartphone in SOLO’s line-up. SOLO is a budget brand, and so its flagship smartphone is a budget smartphone.

So, when you hear flagship in smartphone circles, as well as in other circles, we are looking at the finest, largest, or most important phone or item in a line-up from a particular brand. It does not have to measure up to the flagships from bigger brands. What is important is that it is the brand’s leading smartphone or item.


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