What kind of car exactly is the Tesla Model S?

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Heard of the Tesla Model S? Yes; the electric car. No petrol. No diesel. Just electricity. But, it is more than just a car powered by electricity. It is also a smart car, able to drive itself along highways, i.e switch lanes, avoid collisions from the front and sides, as well as preventing the car from wandering off the road.

Real time feedback from the Tesla fleet ensures the system is continually learning and improving upon itself, so we are looking at early days of artificial intelligence (AI) as well.

Here are some photos for your enjoyment.

tesla s aide

tesla s cockpit

tesla s steering

What do you think? Would you like to own and be driven by one of these?


  1. It’s a great looking concept,but while I will not probably be in a hurry to jump into one of these,I believe this gives us a great insight into the future and the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence..

  2. You said it well.

    But Tesla is a confirmed producer of these kinda vehicles. You dont have to be scared if you buy one of Tesla’s cars. Toyota, lexus, mercedes and co. may produce fully electric cars and I’ll be skeptical but Tesla, tested and trusted over the years.

    Its just that electric cars are not as easy to maintain as advised. You may be saving on fuel but you are spending on battery and chargers!

    But if you truly care about the environment, this is the way forward!

  3. Tesla’s major contribution to the electric car project is their ability to make cars that people actually want to own and drive. their cars would be appealing even if they ran on petrol/diesel or were hybrids. add that to the innovations in battery tech and computer guidance systems and it’s easy to see why the answer to the last question would almost always be yes

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