What LTE bands are used in Europe? There are 4 most commonly used 4G LTE bands in European countries that you should note if you are travelling and intend to use 4G LTE services while there.

What LTE bands are used in Europe?

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There are scores of LTE bands available and being deployed in different regions and countries all over the world. There is no failsafe way to ensure that a 4G phone will support all available LTE networks in any region or country.

However, if you are travelling to Europe, there are certain bands that are widely deployed there, and you would be safe to have a 4G phone that supports those bands.

European 4G Bands: What LTE bands are used in Europe?

The most common 4G LTE bands used in Europe are:

  • LTE 1(2100),
  • LTE 3(1800),
  • LTE 7(2600), and
  • LTE 8(900)

As such, any smartphone or feature phone that supports the above 4G LTE bands is fairly safe to roam around Europe with.

In addition to the above bands, the following bands are also fairly commonly deployed by European 4G network operators:

  • LTE 19(800),
  • LTE 20(800),
  • LTE 28(700),
  • LTE 38(2600), and
  • LTE 40(2300)
What LTE bands are used in Europe?
What LTE bands are used in Europe? LTE band 1, 3, ,7 , and 8

If you have a smartphone that supports all above-listed European 4G bands, you are pretty much covered and unlikely to ever be unable to connect to 4G broadband while on the old continent.

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