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Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs Everywhere: Here is what I flashed on my HTC Wizard

Avatar of brym! By brym! Aug17,2009
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Mobile enthusiasts are awaiting the release of Window Mobile 6.5 later this year. As we have heard, it is an upgrade designed to improve the WinMo user interface prior to release of the much-awaited Windows Mobile 7 in 2010.

To get Windows Mobile 6.5 when released, you have to buy a new WinMo device or upgrade if you have a compatible device released in 2009. But if you are desperate and impatient like me, you can get the various leaked WM6.5 ROMs floating in the WinMo community and flash them to your device.

One good reason for trying out WM6.5 ROM is the improved user interface which comes with finger friendly menus. Another reason is the new pocket internet explorer, referred to as IE6. It sports a revamped web browser built on the same code that runs the desktop version of Internet Explorer 6.

I flashed my HTC Wizard with a ROM named “CR96 Touch HD”, a cooked job by Cracing of XDA Developers site.

Here are screen shots:

Lock Screen
Lock Screen
Today Screen on WM 6.5
Today Screen on WM 6.
Start Menu Screen on WM6.5
Start Menu Screen on WM6.5
Avatar of brym!

By brym!

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