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Wordle Explained: What is it, how to play, and how to win this 5-letter super word game

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Wordle puzzle game
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It isn’t every day that a game goes viral and takes over planet Earth the way Wordle has. But this simple, daily, word puzzle game has pulled off a big one.

Some have held on for a while, escaping the allure of the game, but only for a while. Day after day, more people get bitten by the big and capitulate.

What is Wordle?

Wordle puzzle game explained.

Wordle gives players six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word. If you type in the right letter in the right spot, it shows up green. A correct letter in the wrong spot shows up yellow. A letter that isn’t in the word in any spot shows up gray. 

If you do not guess the correct word for the day after six tries, that’s it for you till the next day. That keeps the thrill for the game high.

It is such a simple game to play, yet powerfully addictive, as you rack your head to figure out the day’s word. And what gives it a sharp edge is that the game has a share button that lets you broadcast your daily results to the world each day. Which is why you are seeing Wordle everywhere on Twitter, for example.

You can share your results to Twitter, Facebook, via email, or instant message.

How do you play Wordle?

Type in your first guess, and then press or click Enter to see if you’ve matched any letters. Then check the colours of the boxes and use the results as clues for your next guess. You go on that way till you have exhausted your six guesses for the day.

Who made Wordle game?

Wordle was created by a software engineer Josh Wardle, originally for his partner, who is a fan of word games.

Is Wordle available as an app?

No; it isn’t, though you will find knockoffs on Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. The real game is available only on the official website.

Where can I play Wordle?

You can play it on the official website at

Is the Wordle app free?

The game is available as a Web app and is free to play.

Why are so many people enthralled with the new internet game Wordle?

Combine a game that is easy and challenging at the same time, and that is a good summary of why there is a lot of chatter about it.

How to play Wordle

Each day, the game presents you with a new hidden word you have to guess in 6 tries.

Playing Tips

In deciding your first word, it is a good idea to use a word with at least three vowels. Why? They

Gray boxes or tiles: do not reuse any letter that turns Gray. It isn’t in the word you are guessing.

Letters can appear more than once in the same word, so try reusing a vowel or consonant that has turned green or yellow during your play. As a guide to help you, the most common vowels are: /i/, /e/, /a/, /o/, /u/. The most common consonants are /p/, /t/, /k/, /m/, /n/.

Use search. There are no rules against using Google, Bing, or any other search engine. Or even a dictionary. For example, you can search for “5 letter words that begin with KN”.

A few more things about Wordle

Everyone is playing the exact same puzzle on any given day. Yes; there are millions of players all trying to figure out the same word at the same time.

To share your results after playing, the Share button is hidden away behind the bar graph icon at the top right corner of the screen.

The game was released in 2021 by Josh Wardle. In January 2022, he sold it to the New York Times for a handsome, undisclosed sum in the 7-figure range.

Have you played Wordle? What has the experience been like for you?

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