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WOW phone service reviews: A round-up of the good, the bad, the ugly

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WOW phone service
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WideOpenWest, also known as WOW, is the sixth-largest cable operator in the United States of America. WOW’s network has over 3,200,000 homes and businesses in the US. The company offers landline telephone, cable television, and broadband Internet services. We hunted around for reviews of WOW phone service to see what users of the service are saying about it. 

WOW phone service review - a look at what users are saying about WideOpenWest's telephone service.

WOW phone service review on ConsumerAffairs website

The first site I found reviews on WOW phone service was ConsumerAffiars. The site was filled with a lot of 1 star reviews, I had to switch pages before I found very few good reviews. A lot of the complaints were about unreliable customer service, false information, raising of prices, hidden fees and so much more. Here’s one of the reviews:

DO NOT USE WOW. Save your money and your time. Customer service is a joke. They billed me when I no longer have an existing account. They encourage you to use online chat, and the agents will tell you one thing, and then they will send you a bill for another, when you try to confront them about it? “Oh sorry, nothing we can do about the charges, we will let that guy know he did a bad job, so that fixes your issue right?”

I asked for a manager, and was referred to call in to speak to a manager, and no one ever answers the phone. It says 24/7 phone support available, no agents answered. Unreliable internet, unreliable customer service, unreliable billing. Don’t waste your time or money with them.


After scrolling and switching pages, like I said earlier, I found a few reviews praising WOW’s affordable plans and friendly customer service and good internet services. Here’s one:

I’ve been with WOW cable, phone, and internet for over 15 years. Although the customer service has been outsourced to the Philippines, so far I have continued great customer service support. The product and price is great so far. They have kept my bill affordable. Also, a new modem with higher internet speed is in the mail at no charge without my request. That is great service.

WOW Internet cable and phone service review

WOW phone service review on Trustpilot website

The next site I visited was Trustpilot, which had an overall review star rating of 2.1 stars out of 5 stars for WOW. The customers with good reviews were happy with WOW’s affordable prices and decent, stable internet connection. Here’s a customer’s review:

I have been with Wow! For a year now and I love it. I have great internet and their large cable package, and I could not be happier with them. My bill is also affordable. I’m so glad I found wow!. My only complaint is they can have long hold times.

And on to the bad reviews, a lot of customers were not very happy with their customer service, slow internet and lag. Here’s one:

Never ending nightmares. Their cable speed is always slow and nowhere near the speed I pay for. Recently they shut down to do a 4-hour maintenance the other night. Next day. Cable down. My router would not work at all. Customer service gave me a song and dance while I was unable to work remotely because of this. Called Netgear. Took 8 hours! (Yes, true because I need to work $$$). Once connection was established, the top speed was now 5M! I was getting 250M (I pay for 500 m). Called WOW again.

Customer service kept putting me on hold. After 20 mins. They said they were still working on it and if we lose the phone call they will call me back was sceptical). Going on 2 hours. Nothing so far. Anyway. This is one story of many. They are the only game in town and now probably the reason I am going to move. Anyone giving them more than 3 stars works for WOW.


WOW phone service review on BroadbandNow website

Next, I visited BroadbandNow and there were a lot of good reviews on this site. Most of the good reviews wrote about their great and affordable prices, fast internet, good service tech and customer service. 

WOW is amazing. An honest company that does business right!! From the service tech to the customer service, we’ve never had a problem. They worked with us to find a plan that we can afford. They have always gone above and beyond in every situation for years. Thank you WOW.

Of course, there were some bad reviews, but they were not as much as the good ones. The bad reviews majorly complained about slow and unreliable internet connections and  frequent increase in price. Here’s an example: 

Changed companies from WOW due to ridiculous price increase partway through contract, and gladly paid the cancellation fee. Bills keep coming, even after being told you’re paid up. All offices are closed, and no place to return equipment or make payment and get a receipt, so you are at their mercy as far as getting charged. Even taking into account virus issues, the inability of anyone to get you a final receipt when you return equipment or make payment, or put anything in writing via email is disturbing to say the least.

WOW phone service review

Last Words

After going through a lot of reviews on different sites, the results are a mixed bag. It is clear that WOW has a lot of work to do. The customer experience on WOW is so diverse that it is difficult to give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

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