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True Wireless Charging Is Finally Here, Thanks To Xiaomi and Motorola

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge wireless remote charging technology
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Two smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Motorola, have announced and unveiled wireless systems that provide remote charging technology for mobile devices.

Unlike current “wireless” charging technology that require physical contact with a charging plate, the new remote charging technology allows smartphones, wearables and other mobile gadgets to be charged across the room without any physical contact.

Imagine walking into your living room and your smartphone automatically begins to charge while it is still in your hands or in your bag. Welcome to the world of truly wireless charging.

Motorola’s solution, called Motorola Hyper, requires that there be no obstruction between the charger and the smartphone  and can charge a device from a one meter distance. It is based on the Qi standard.

Here is a video demonstration of Motorola Hyper:


Xiaomi’s solution works differently. It isn’t based on Qi, and it does not require line of sight.

But it is truly wireless as well and requires no physical contact. It is able to charge compatible smartphones and gadgets with a 5W charge.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge wireless remote charging technology

Called Mi Air Charge, Xiaomi says its new remote charging solution works even when there are objects in the way, but the company is silent on the radius of action. Here is an introductory video:

Both announcements were made, separately by each company, on January 29, 2021.

As with all new technologies, these remote charging solutions will take some time to get to the market, and they will show up first in premium flagships, before trickling down over the years as they become more affordable.



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