Internet Tethering: You Should Consider using Bluetooth

Internet tethering is the act of sharing your device’s internet with one or more devices. There are different media for internet tethering. They include:

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. USB
  3. Bluetooth

These days, it is more common to tether laptops and gadgets via Wi-Fi. If you have a smartphone mobile hotspot functionality, you can simply share your mobile internet with your PC and other gadgets. However, the option to tether via Bluetooth is also available on some platforms. Yes; it has some advantages over Wi-Fi tethering, as well as disadvantages. USB tethering is also possible, but does anyone still do that these days?

Bluetooth Internet Tethering

  • Bluetooth is more power-efficient than Wi-Fi, so your batteries will last much longer if you tether via Bluetooth
  • You do not need to enter password for Bluetooth tethering. Once your devices are paired, that’s it. Your connection is secure.
  • However, Wi-Fi lets you transfer data at much higher speeds than Bluetooth. Bluetooth 2.0 limits you to just 3 Mbps. If you have Bluetooth 3.0 though, that provides theoretical data transfer speeds of up to 24 Mbps, which is not bad really. Of course, whether you tether via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your service provider’s capacity is also a factor in what speeds you get in reality.
  • Bluetooth tethering also allows only one device to be connected at any time, unlike Wi-Fi where multiple devices can connect at the same time

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