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Zoom Goes Down In Certain Parts Of The World, Now Back Up And Operational

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Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes
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Popular video conference app Zoom suffered an outage in the different parts of the world on Monday. Users of the app took to social media to comment on this unexpected occurrence, with the company getting the service back up in short time.

Zoom has become the go-to app for most work meetings and school engagements in light of the pandemic, with millions around the world depending on it to communicate with their peers and colleagues. Reports suggest that problems first surfaced on Monday, as Zoom’s status page displayed a partial outage for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars.

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

The company acted swiftly and decisively to restore normal operations to the video conference app. It also thanked users for their patience via Twitter throughout the down time, while explaining that there were still a few problems with people who signed up for paid accounts or wanted to upgrade their accounts.

While interruptions in services like this are not totally uncommon, there is no telling how much disruption the outage caused, especially at a time where a lot of people now depend on video conferencing apps to attend classes or work meetings. Hopefully, scenarios like this would occur less frequently in the coming days.



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