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Zoom’s Latest Changes To Stop ‘zoombombing’ Arrive On The 9th Of May

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes
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Zoom is putting in new measures to improve security for its users and prevent cases of ‘zoombombing’ by uninvited guests. Zoombombing is an unwanted intrusion into a video conference call by an unauthorized individual, causing a disruption in the conference call session.

It has given admins the option to disable personal meeting IDs (PMIs) for scheduling or starting instant meetings. Any intruder who discovers this ID cannot use it to host any video conference. Basic accounts will also require passwords for their meetings from the 9th of May.

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

The Cloud-based video conferencing tool is making Waiting rooms and host-only screen sharing on by default for basic accounts. These recent changes from the American communications enterprise are in response to a series of complaints from businesses, teachers and other users of the tool who have had to battle pranksters and trolls interrupting important video call sessions.

These changes are very important in the grand scheme of things, especially with Zoom facing a lot of competition from certain quarters like Google Meet and Facebook. Zoom has grown increasingly important in the last couple of months, with various individuals who would have otherwise hosted large physical gatherings turning to the app for virtual meetings due to its ability to accommodate a large number of users during video sessions.



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