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One of the things Android OS has lacked is the ability to search (all through) your phone for a specific app. The inbuilt search widget directs you to Google, sometimes file manager apps have a sort of half baked search bar. It tries but doesn’t cover every corner of your device. I hereby present to you Andro Search, a universal Android Search app.

Andro Search  (1)

Below are some of its key features:

  • Files searching  by name, extension, and Fulltext search INSIDE: PDFs, Office, ebooks , etc.
  • Contacts search by name, notes, emails, phones, postal addresses, organization.
  • Google Query Suggestions – get query suggestions to take your search online.
  • Highly tolerant of keyboard typos and misspellings.
  • Search files By Metadata – Search MS Office 2007+ and OpenOffice documents, Music songs, and video files by Author, Title, Artist, Album.
  • Recently Modified Files View – Care about recent files like pictures you took today, files you downloaded a minute ago, a document you recently edited? See them regardless of the folder they’re in, with the innovative fast flat view of all files in the device SD card, sorted by when they were modified
  • Recently Installed Apps View – So you could easily get to the app you installed two days ago but can’t remember its name.

… and the list goes on and on.

Download Andro Search HERE

1 thought on “Search everything on your phone with Andro Search”

  1. Andro Search worked great under Android 10, but it does not index files stored on a Micro SD card under Android 11 and later. Would very much like to see an update to Andro Search to index and find files stored on a Micro SD card.

    The path to the SD card appears to be \storage\.

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