Apple Limits Number Of Online iPhone Purchases

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Apple is currently limiting the number of iPhone customer purchases through online stores in a number of countries including the United States and China to two handsets per individual.

This new move by Apple may be connected to the effects of the Coronavirus on supply chains in various countries, with most countries on lockdown due to the effects of this epidemic.

Apple iPhone 11 pro

The last time Apple limited the number of user purchases was 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced, and this was done to prevent people buying and reselling the iPhone. In certain countries in Asia, a message appears above iPhone listings informing customers that they cannot make more than two device purchases per order.

The purchase limits come as Apple say that they are unlikely to meet their initial revenue projections for Q1. With a number of Chinese factories already resuming operations, Apple is expected to face weaker demand due to closed down retail stores and social distancing in a number of countries.

With the effects of the COVID-19 still telling on a lot of hardware tech producers, it is hoped that the virus can be contained quickly and that life as we know it will return to normalcy soon.



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