Long-term iPhone SE Review: Any good one year after?

iPhone SE in hand

In this long-term iPhone SE review, HiBeezle shares some of his thoughts about the value of the iPhone SE for prospective buyers in 2017. The iPhone SE’s place in Apple’s arsenal The iPhone SE is cosmetically similar to the 5s, but that’s where the similarity ends. Packing the hardware improvements of the iPhone 6s – besides the extra 0.7 inches of screen with 3D touch implementation – the SE is a more competent phone than the 5s. Being that I never got to publish my experience with the 5s, I’ll…

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Considering the Moto X Style in 2017?

Moto X Style back

As the title suggests, this article is aimed at better informing individuals who are considering Motorola’s 2015 flagship smartphone, the Moto X Style, as their next device – hinting my own experiences, having used the device as my daily driver for months now. Hello Moto! : Challenging price-value ratio With regards mobile technology generally, only a few companies have impacted the landscape and still maintained relevance decades after. Motorola is such a company. Regardless, the company had its share of hard times and looks nothing like the company we knew…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on review (S8 Plus too): Drop-dead gorgeous

Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on review

We got our hands on a pre-sale unit of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And so, we bring you our first impressions and hands-on photos. Our conclusion: the S8 is a drool-worthy, drop-dead gorgeous smartphone. But we know you want the full gist; don’t you? Enjoy our Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on review and photos. Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on Review: Curved screen The display is curved at the edges just like on the LG G6. Aspect ratio of the display makes the S8 very handy. Even though the…

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Questioning Google’s Pixel smartphones

Google Pixel smartphones

Android is a mobile operating system that prides itself in providing extended functionality to it’s users. Providing a broad array of customization is one way the platform achieves this. The development, adoption and rather feeble diffusion of custom ROMs has played an integral part in pushing the boundaries of this personalisation agenda. Citing Cyanogen Mod’s transitioning from a custom ROM for a niche set of Android users, to becoming the variant Android of choice for a manufacturers offering is such a case in point. However, if custom ROMs are too…

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Sony Z5 Compact: the last original compact phone?

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Signposting: The following article at some points, tends to consider specific contexts – like market segments phone manufacturers aim to reach with their varied smartphone offerings. Consequently, for a more holistic vantage point, reading A look at mobile market segments will aid in sensitising the information that follows. This is a long read! Challenging the status-quo The Samsung Galaxy Note introduced screens of over 5 inches to the smartphone landscape. This was at about the same time Apple was making claims that the average users needed screens within the sub 4 inch range. The Cupertino firm argued for…

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Blackberry Passport 18 months after: ‘the phone as a work tool’

BlackBerry Passport

About 18 months ago, the Blackberry Passport was first reviewed here. The review was broken down in parts to achieve an in-depth understanding, while providing a holistic picture of the device; it was systematically put together. This might have been influenced by the uniqueness of the device. To know why exactly, you will have to ask Mister Mobility who reviewed the device initially. Having used Blackberry’s flagship for 2014 some time now myself, it is easier to appreciate its unique position in a stream of contemporary devices which tend to…

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The Infinix Zero 2 re-visited: The good; the bad; the ugly

Infinix Zero 2

In June, earlier this year, Elroy reviewed the Zero 2. He concluded that the device can be likened to a sports car that runs at the speed of light while consuming loads of fuel. Having used the device myself for a few months, I concur. The Zero 2 is really an interesting device, but like all others out there, it definitely has some shortcomings. The Good Design, in my opinion, is part of the stronger qualities of the smartphone. The Zero 2 is beautifully crafted – with its metal frame,…

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This entrepreneur thinks the Infinix Hot 2 is special

Infinix X510 Hot 2

This year saw the emergence of Google’s Android One project in Nigeria, with Infinix being the OEM supplying the premier offering – the Hot 2. Android One is Google’s attempt at supplying it’s mobile operating system in its pure form to emerging markets; similar to what the company has been doing with it’s Nexus brand in the west. The main difference this time is that the company is looking at very price conscious customers at the bottom of the pyramid. Hardware – simplistic design, good build, but cheap materials On…

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Meet Orbra’s 2015 devices (from the launch event)

Orbra 2015 bracelets

The Nigerian IT firm, Orbra, which started out making tablet computers have slowly transformed themselves into a brand with a wide variety of mobile tech devices, spanning – smartphones, tablet computers, power banks, and most recently – a smart bracelet. During the product launch earlier this month, the company released the 2nd generation of its entry level smartphone – the Avalanche 2, a follow-up to it’s tablet computer – the Inferno Tab 2, in addition to a new product line – the Orbra smart bracelet. I have already given you…

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A recap of Orbra’s Independence Day product launch

Orbra CEO keynote address

On the 1st of October 2015, the Nigerian smartphone maker, Orbra ITC, held an event in Abuja to launch its new lineup of devices. It was a full range including a smart bracelet, a smartphone and a tablet. The event was slated to hold at the Immaculate suites, but was eventually moved to The Box office, also in Wuse 2, Abuja. Of course, MobilityArena.com was present. The venue for the launch was an air conditioned room that sat about 40 people, giving the event a more intimate feel and aiding…

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