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Mobile phone games have evolved massively, as Nokia users will vividly recall the popular Snake Xenzia games, while later devices brought arcade games like Tetris to our fingertips. Today, smartphone games range from racing games to sport games and First-Person Shooter games, giving mobile game lovers a wide array of games to pick from. 

However, there are certain smartphone games that stand head and shoulders above their counterparts, getting millions of downloads worldwide and gaining critical acclaim. In this piece, we will take a look at some of the best Android smartphone games for your device in 2021.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile: One of the best Android smartphone games of 2019, CODM has maintained its impressive rating, as it is still one of the go-to games for smartphone users worldwide. It has a normal FPS online mode that lets players from around the world go 1v1, while it also features a 100-player battle royale mode. This game is free but brings a number of in-game purchases for players.
best Android smartphone games for your device in 2021
  • GRID Autosport: This game launched in 2019, going on to become one of the more popular racing games for Android. It is a top game with no in-game advertising or purchases, it also brings excellent gameplay, good controls and quality graphics to mention a few. GRID Autosport also offers tons of cars to play with and different types of content to play through. Although slightly expensive at $9.99, it is worth every penny and offers gamers a wonderful experience. You can follow this link to get this racing game today.
  • PUBG Mobile: Another top FPS game on this list, this game has over ten million downloads, with around a million reviews from users. That said, we do not need to overemphasize how popular PUBG Mobile is, as this FPS game features decent graphics, simple but effective controls and all-round solid gameplay. This game’s premise sees a hundred people drop from a plane on an island and sees them battle it out to see who comes out tops.

Weapons, gears and vehicles are scattered around the island, while a mechanic ensures the game does not last too long by reducing the play area from time to time. One wonderful thing about this game is its regular updates, letting users enjoy different modes with this game. One of the best android smartphone games out there, it also has a Lite version for select devices with fewer players and lower graphics.

pubg mobile lite battle royale game
  • Genshin Impact: One of the best games of 2020, this RPG game with gacha mechanics brings impressive visuals and excellent gameplay to go with it. This game has a party system that lets users summon new characters through a gacha system. This free-to-play game has solid ratings on Play Store and is one of the best adventure games in the land right now.
  • Minecraft: one of the more popular games on this list, Minecraft brings you into a giant world where you mine stuff (surprised?), defeat villains and build what you want. It also contains a survival mode where you must mine your resources, while the creative mode gives you unlimited resources.

The game also brings updates with new content, making it more interesting for players. You can also enjoy multiplayer games with players across different platforms (PC or console). It is one of the best android smartphone games in the survival niche out there and you can get it for a small price ($6.99 with in-app purchases) here.

While the year is still young, a number of smartphone games are already making waves, with some games like CODM picking up where they left off. We can’t wait to see what games make this list in the coming days, with smartphone gamers always looking forward to great new games for their smartphones.

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