Best Android Launchers For Your Smartphone in 2022

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Android launchers are increasingly becoming an important piece of software for the average Android user in 2021. The best android launchers help you maintain control of your device, making sure you can customize different parts of your home page just the way you want it.

Today, we will take a look at the best Android launchers for your smartphone and what other benefits they offer. 

  • Nova launcher: One of the best launchers you can find out there, Nova launcher is sleek, quick and easily customizable, making it a fan favorite among Android users. It perfectly balances utility customizations and an extensive appearance with a minimal performance backlog, meaning you will not experience freezes with your device. it also offers a Premium version which costs $4.99 and brings a number of improved features to the table. You can download this app through this link.
  • Niagara launcher: This launcher comes with a unique design which helps to place notifications front and center, helping to keep other distractions at bay. This launcher displays notifications, while filtering out spam. Although it offers a rather minimalistic approach and may not be popular for its aesthetics, it gets the job done effectively and is one of the best Android launchers out there. You can install Niagara launcher for your Android here.
  • Smart launcher 5: Another launcher that has a decent shout for Best Android Launcher, this launcher is well designed and offers a number of interesting features for Android users. It brings smart search and a customizable app drawer which increases the ease of navigation for users, letting them find what they need easily. It also brings resizable widgets and adaptive icons and colors, making it a top-notch android launcher. The Smart Launcher 5 offers a Pro version which costs $7 and offers a number of extra features and expanded gesture controls.
The Smart Launcher 5 app. best android launchers
The Smart Launcher 5 app
  • Hyperion launcher: A wonderfully designed launcher from the brains behind the Substratum theming engine, Hyperion is a customizable launcher that lets users toggle various settings. It brings a ton of features (for free), while also letting users configure a range of settings for folders, transparencies, icon packs, animations and adaptive icons. It also offers a Pro version with a more interesting features for users.
  • Apex launcher: This amazing Android launcher provides a delicate balance of features and performance, bringing flair and efficiency in one app. It lets users customize the home screen grid size, providing up to nine screens, while also bringing a scrollable dock containing five pages. Apex Launcher also offers a paid version which offers additional gestures and theme support, it costs about $8.99.
The Apex Launcher app

While your Android device has its default launcher, trying any of the launchers above can help you discover newer frontiers with your Android device.

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