Best camera phone of 2021: iPhone 13 Pro Max is not the one that Vivo X70 Pro+ has to beat

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Since the announcement of the Vivo X70 Pro+ on September 30, 2021, there has been some chatter on social media about how the Vivo phone has a better camera than the iPhone 13 Max Pro. The problem is that Apple’s baby is not even the best camera phone of 2021.

You read that right: the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not the camera phone that Vivo X70 Pro+ has to beat. As at the last time we checked, Huawei P50 Pro is. That is the very baddest camera phone of 2021 up till the time of this writing. And close behind that is Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Those are the phones that both the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Vivo X70 Pro+ – and even the Pixel 6 Pro – have to beat.

Can Vivo X70 Pro+ become the best camera phone of 2021?

As for Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, we have to wait to see what they have to offer. The Pixels fell behind in the last few years, and none of the Pixel 3, 4, and 5 series even make it to the top 5 of the best camera phones. We can blame Google using the same sensor for multiple years. With a new camera sensor being adopted this year, perhaps they can power through to the top again.

While Google slept in the last few years, brands like Huawei and Xiaomi (along with Vivo and OPPO) rose up to the task and have consistently churned out sterling cameras that made it to the top. Apple’s iPhones have also stayed in contention, never far off from the top of the chart.

What is special about the vivo X70 Pro+? For one, it has the same main sensor that is believed to be in the upcoming Google Pixel 6/6 Pro. That’s the Samsung GN1, which is also the same sensor in….wait for it .. TECNO Phantom X (see review). Yes; I already wrote about that earlier.

But having the same sensor is not all there is to the quality of pictures that a camera phone takes. It is only a part of the equation. The other part has to do with software optimisations. The question is, how well do Vivo, Google, and TECNO, individually pull that off?

We know that both Google and Vivo have a track record of solid software optimisation for their cameras, so everyone is full of expectations from both brands.

The verdicts on the Vivo X70 Pro+’s camera prowess will soon start rolling in from phone reviewers around the world, and we will get to know where it stands against all the contenders.

Perhaps this year, the title goes to Vivo, or to Google. Time will tell. Google Pixel’s fanbase is excited and waiting for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro to hit the market. That includes me. I really would love to see what this year’s duo can pull off.

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  1. The reason I’m here isn’t to hear about the features of a camera smartphone or how much it has improved over the previous generation of smartphones. It is where I come to find out who has the best picture quality out of everyone, Thank you!

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