Top 5 Good Music Players for Android Users In 2022

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Streaming music platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, and Apple Music have won the game: most smartphone users have chosen these types of platforms to consume their favorite music, skipping traditional music players and the need to download and transfer song files to the mobile’s internal memory.

Although not everyone enjoys using these streaming platforms, some people prefer to listen to music locally. As a result, a good music player is required. Most music players for Android are free, though paid apps are available.

The Best Music Players For Android Users

What Makes A Music Player Good?

A good music player is determined by several features. These features include:

I. To begin, the most important aspect to consider when downloading a music player is its support for audio formats. The more formats it can support, the better, as this ensures that you can listen to any audio on your phone.

II. Second, you must consider the application’s design, as it must have a customizable interface in which you control everything from the colors to the format of the player.

III. The music player you download must include an integrated equalizer with which you can change the audio playback settings and select presets to make your experience enjoyable.

When looking for the best music players for your Android, keep the features mentioned above in mind to ensure that you select the best option available for your device. Now, have a look at our selection.

The Best Music Players For Android Users

In this article, we have chosen the best music players for Android users in 2022 and will explain the features of a good music player to help you choose the music player that will serve you from now on.

You will be able to find audio players with various functionalities in this list: driving mode, song data editor, lyrics viewer, support for one format or another, and support for Google Chromecast.

1. Poweramp 

Poweramp is probably one of the best examples of applications that, since their inception, have managed to be at the top of their category, and for years, one of the most valued by users. And it’s all thanks to a dedicated team of developers who work tirelessly to create the best music player for Android.

Poweramp is a paid app, but it’s definitely worth the money. Among its main features, it is possible to find the functions that any user could need from an application in this category, including mp3 support, mp4, m4a, ogg, flac, wav, ape, tta, mpc, opus files, and many others. It also includes a built-in graphic equalizer, with ten bands. presets and compatible with all supported sound formats. In addition, it includes support for Google Chromecast and is compatible with Android Auto.

Shortly after their third anniversary, version 3 was launched with a renewed interface that supports gesture navigation, and a new audio engine – equipped with new DSP, 64-bit internal processing, and effects of reverberation. 

The app contains no advertisements or in-app purchases of any kind. However, a free version can be downloaded, allowing us to test its functions for 15 days before deciding whether or not to purchase the paid version. You can hardly go wrong with Poweramp; it is undisputed as one of the best music players for Android devices.

2. Retro Music Player

The application stands out from the crowd, owing to its unique design. It is based on the Google Material Theme lines and includes dozens of different customization options that allow you to tailor its interface to your preferences, both in terms of interface colors and player format.

It supports a variety of file types (though not as many as PowerAmp), the ability to display song lyrics, a driving mode, an advanced playlist editor with tags and the ability to import lists, and many other features.

This excellent music player for Android can be downloaded for free, though it does require payments to unlock some add-ons.

3. BlackPlayer EX

Few applications can compete with Poweramp in terms of the number of functions aimed at improving the listening experience. BlackPlayer EX is one of them, and it deserves to be included in this list of the best music players for Android.

It is a paid application, similar to Poweramp, but in this case, we have a free version that can be used for more than 15 days, though not all functions are unlocked.

Its most important features are supported for a large number of popular audio formats, including mp3, FLAC, and wav; a built-in equalizer, hapless music playback, song lyrics display, playlist editor with tags, support for Google Chromecast, and a plethora of other options, all of which are available after a brief installation.

4. JetAudio HD

JetAudio is another well-known music player for Android. It has long been regarded as one of the best-valued options by users, owing to its support for a wide range of audio formats- such as wav, mp3, ogg, flac, m4a, and mpc- as well as a powerful built-in equalizer with 32 presets.

The app has the advantage of allowing you to download and use which has almost the same functions as the paid version, including ads.

5. AIMP Music

AIMP Music has a colorful design and an easy-to-use interface. AIMP is the most popular ultralight music player on Android, with over 10 million installs on Google Play.

This Russian-made application supports the vast majority of audio formats, including high-fidelity ones. It also has a 29-band graphic equalizer, support for OpenSSL, AudioTrack, and AAudio systems, smart folder-based playlists, HTTP audio streaming, and support for internet radio.

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