Fixing Common Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Problems

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The Samsung S22 Ultra was released in late February 2022 as one of the most powerful smartphones on the planet, for good reason too. It is a fan favourite for some while we have other users on the other side of the spectrum who have nothing but complaints about the pricey device. It doesn’t matter how many cutting-edge features a smartphone might have, it will always have problems of its own. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is just one of the newer members of the party. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that users have been facing while operating this device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra problem: Battery Drain

Some users have observed that the battery of the Samsung S22 Ultra drains fast for the pricey flagship smartphone it is with a 5,000mAh battery. This can be caused by multiple reasons. Some believe the phone is much too powerful for itself. Usually, problems like these are addressed in updates or can happen due to new software updates. 

When you install a new software update on your device (any device), it takes time for the device to adjust to some of the new features, adjustments, or improvements. So, your device’s battery will drain faster than it did before the new update, adjust with time and get better. But if the issue persists after a couple of days and weeks, here are a few solutions you can try before taking the device to get checked and fixed.

• Clear unused apps running in the background of your Samsung S22 Ultra, these contribute a lot to how fast your battery drains.

• Having apps like Cleaner and Antivirus drain your device heavily and cause it to heat. If you have any of these installed, delete them immediately.

• Screen brightness is another factor that could be adding to how fast your battery drains. Reduce the brightness as much as you can. Leaving it on high brightness volumes will not only drain your battery but heat your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra problem: Overheating

There have been lots of user complaints about the Samsung S22 Ultra overheating quickly. How fast it is said to overheat is honestly alarming. These have come from customers who say it was during casual use and those who say it was while gaming or doing something heavy. Again, you will have to wait for future Samsung software updates for a significant change to the overheating problem. Here are things you can do for now to reduce it.

• Close apps that you have running in the background that you are not using. These open apps added to whatever activity you might be engaged in will work the processor heavily and cause it to heat. 

• Now, we see, again, just how important it is to put off connectivity options that are in use. They don’t just contribute to one problem but multiple. Leaving your Wi-Fi, GPS, hotspot, e.t.c. will not just drain your battery but overheat your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. And with a phone that heats as quickly as this, you do not need all of these to add to the overheating.

• One of the most common reasons that users gave for the Samsung S22 Ultra overheating was gaming. They noticed how hot the phone got after a while of playing games. If you want to reduce how much the phone heats, then you might need to take breaks in between gaming hours or cut down the number of hours you spend gaming.

• To help your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dissipate heat, get a phone cover that gives it room to do so and not a bulky, thick one. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra problem: Notifications

Users of Samsung S22 Ultra have complained about certain app notifications not popping up until they open the app. The most common affected apps are Messages and WhatsApp. Here are a few things you can do to possibly solve this.

The Galaxy S22’s battery optimization settings are likely causing a notification delay. Go to Settings–>Apps and tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner. Tap on “Special access” and select “Optimise battery usage”. Scan the apps you are not receiving notifications from. If you don’t see the entire app list, look for the Apps not optimized section at the top of the page and tap on All.

Go to Settings–>Apps–>WhatsApp–>Storage and tap on both Clear cache and Clear data. If you don’t see any improvement or change, you might want to uninstall and redownload the app again.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra problem: Lagging/running slow

It is difficult to imagine a premium flagship lagging, but there are a great many things that can cause lagging on your Samsung S22 Ultra. There are not a lot of problems that can be as frustrating as lagging. Here are some ways to get rid of it on your device.

• Using a cleaner or/and an antivirus app on your device will make it lag terribly. These apps also cause overheating. Delete these apps and your device might return to its former state if it was these apps causing the problem

• Having an unstable network connection or slow internet can also make your device lag. You will notice the lagging, especially when playing games that require a network connection. If you test your network and it is indeed slow, you should probably change it or subscribe to something faster.

• Insufficient storage might be the big bad in terms of causing lag on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you have used up most of your phone’s storage then your phone will start to lag. Clear up some space and delete what you don’t need to make room for the phone to run smoothly.

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