The Cheapest NFC Phones in 2023

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So, you want to experience the wonders of Near-Field Communication without spending a large wad of cash, which has to be the reason why you are interested in the cheapest NFC phone in the market this year. NFC is an abbreviation for a technology called Near Field Communication. If you are reading this article out of sheer curiosity about NFC, you should not forget to read our explainer article, What is NFC?

Below is the compiled list of the cheapest NFC phones in the world today, and their prices in major markets around the world. We also specifically highlight the cheapest Android phone with NFC, as well as the most affordable from Samsung, the world’s largest Android phone maker.

List Of The Cheapest NFC Phones You Can Buy Today

  1. Samsung Galaxy A04s – It is available from $137 in the US, from €149 in European Union states, from £159 in the United Kingdom, and from ₹ 12,990 in India.
  2. Redmi 10C – The Redmi brand is no stranger to affordable smartphones. The Redmi 10C is available for $126 in the United States, from €119 in the European Union, and from £177 in the UK.
  3. Redmi 10 2022 – This is available for $150 in US dollars, €150 in the European Union, and £140 in the UK.
  4. Nokia G11 – You will need $269 to get the G11 in the US, €133.50 in Europe, £109 in the United Kingdom, and ₹ 11,998 in India.
  5. TCL 306 – This affordable NFC phone is available primarily in the UK, and has a £99 price tag. In the US, the price tag is $105, while in European countries, it sells for €40.
  6. itel S23+: Released in 2023, itel S23+ costs €110.
  7. Samsung Galaxy A13 – Samsung A13 sells for $137 in the US, €142 in the EU, £129 in the UK, ₹ 12,790 in India, and C$217 in Canada.
  8. Motorola Moto G22 – In the US, you can buy one for $151, €136 in the zEU, £120 in the UK, ₹ 11,500 in India, and C$ 245 in Canada.
  9. POCO C40 – The POCO C40 sells for $116 or €118.
  10. Blackview BV5200 – If you live in the EU, you will find the BV5200 for around €120 only.
  11. Motorola Moto E22 – The Moto E22 sells for €120 in European Union countries.

What is the cheapest NFC phone?

Having seen the list of the cheapest phones with Near-Field Communication, we can easily pick and announce which is the very cheapest. The cheapest NFC phone is the little-known TCL 306. It has a £99 price tag in the UK, and € 40 in most of the European Union.

TCL 306 is the cheapest NFC phone in the world
TCL 306 is the cheapest NFC phone in the world

The problem with TCL 306 is that its availability is so limited that most people will be unable to get their hands on one. As such, we will pick the cheapest NFC phones with the widest availability globally – the cheapest Android phones with NFC that most people will be able to find and buy. Those phones are no other than Redmi 10C ($126), Samsung Galaxy A13 ($137), and Samsung Galaxy A04s ($137).

What is the cheapest Samsung phone with NFC?

Samsung is a popular mobile phone brand globally, because it has devices for every one and their devices are widely available in almost every country. As such, you might be looking to get the most affordable Samsung phone with NFC. So, which phone holds this title today? The cheapest Samsung phone with NFC is Samsung Galaxy A04s, which sells for USD $137. For the same price, you can get the Galaxy A13 as well. These two are the cheapest Samsung phones with NFC in 2023.

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