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How To Check If Your PC Is Windows 11 Compatible

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Microsoft announced Windows 11 to be an update to the already existing Windows 10, and since that announcement, there has been a lack of clarity about Windows 11 system compatibility. Why?

Microsoft’s operating system, Windows (for laptops and PCs) covers a wide range of products that come in various specifications. This in itself posed a problem to the Windows 11 update since it requires specific features to run smoothly on systems, and these features were not available on all systems. The age of different computers also staged a barrier to the update for certain users.

To address this issue, Microsoft listed out the system requirements for the update, but this still did not help when considering certain users that just buy their computers without an in-depth consideration of the specs. To help with this, we list below how to check if your system is Windows 11 compatible.

How to check if your PC is Windows 11 compatible using Microsoft PC Health Check App

Microsoft now distributes the Laptop Wellness Verify software as KB5005463 adobespark
Microsoft PC Health Check App.

After the release of Windows 11, most people used the requirements to check for system compatibility, but as earlier stated this is not a way out for everybody. So, there came the PC Health Check App. 

For a while, the PC Health Check App was not responsive with checking for system compatibility, but thanks to an update from Microsoft the application is now up and running. 

  • Download the application to your PC via this link
  • After downloading the app, agree to its terms and conditions, and then install the application.
  •  Then open the application; at the top of the interface you will see a box that introduces Windows 11. Click the “Check Now” button.
  • You will see if your system is Windows 11 compatible or not. If it is, you can go ahead to install the update. 
Is your PC Windows 11 compatible?

Check if your system is Windows 11 compatible using the WhyNotWin11 Application

WhyNotWin11 is a GitHub open-source application which is not owned by Microsoft. You can get the application through this link

The WhyNotWin11 application gives a more in-depth reason why your system might not be compatible with Windows 11. Big ups to the developer that pulled this through.

If after taking the steps sighted above to check if your system is Windows 11 compatible and it turns out that your system is, you can go ahead to install/download the update. It is important to note that the update might not yet be available on your system. This is because Microsoft will roll out this update gradually to Windows users worldwide. So do not be afraid. The rollout might take a whole year to be complete.

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