How to clean your phone screen safely

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A dirty screen looks nasty, and people will subconsciously judge you as an untidy person. If the dirt on your screen is too much, it can reduce the sensitivity of the screen. To clean your phone screen, there are certain precautions to take, so you don’t damage your phone.

I will show you how to clean fingerprints and strains on your screen, how to disinfect your phone, and how to clean scratches on your phone screen safely.

How to get rid of fingerprints on your phone screen

The fingerprints that are left on phones when inputting passwords can be used to unlock a phone and have access to the person’s data. To prevent this from happening to you, it is best to get rid of the fingerprints. The method you can use to clean it off also works for grime build-up on your screen.

1. Switch the phone off

Before you start cleaning the screen, make sure you turn off the screen, and if you’re charging it, make sure you unplug it. Apart from safety precautions, switching off the screen will make you see the stained spots on the screen easily.

2. Wipe it with a cloth

Get a clean and dry microfiber cloth and use it to clean the phone screen. You can find phone wipes online if you’ll prefer to use those. Use the microfiber cloth or phone wipe to clean the screen in small circles.

If there are still smudges on your screen, you can moisten the corners of the cloth and use it to wipe the screen. If there is no cleaner or distilled water, you can breathe on the screen to moisten it, then use the moisture to clean it. Do not use tap water to moisten the cloth.

Use the dry microfiber cloth to wipe off the wetness. If the screen is still slightly damp after wiping it with the microfiber cloth, leave the screen to air dry. Also, when cleaning, do not put too much pressure on the screen.

how to clean your phone screen

How to disinfect your phone screen

Using alcohol gel will not only clean your phone screen but will also kill the germs on it. However, you can’t use this method every time, due to the effect of the alcohol gel on your phone over time from frequent contact with the screen. Here is how to use it to disinfect your screen –

1. Get an alcohol gel. In some places it is known as hand sanitizer, they both mean the same thing. 

2. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the dust off the screen.

3. Get a clean paper towel then pour a little gel on it. 

4. Use the paper to wipe the screen in small circles.

5. Use the clean side of the microfiber cloth to clean the gel on the screen.

How to clean your phone screen without alcohol

I have met people who disinfect their phones regularly for one reason or the other. Some health experts also suggest cleaning one’s phone at least once a day for hygienic reasons. If you will also like to clean your phone regularly, then using alcohol gel is a bad idea. I will show you what to do.

1. Take safety precautions by unplugging your phone if you’re charging it, and make sure the screen is off, so you can see the stains.

2. Get a dry microfiber cloth and use it to wipe the dust off the screen. Afterward, dampen a clean side of the cloth and add a bit of soap and water to it. Do not use detergents or cleaning solutions that have abrasives or contain bleach, this is because they will wear down the protective coating of the screen.

3. The edges of the phone are the last places to clean so liquid and moisture can be prevented from entering the openings of the phone.

4. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the screen until it is dry. Your phone should now be clean and disinfected.

How to clean scratches on your phone screen

Accidental scruffs happen from time to time that leaves scratches on our phone. It could be your car key that scratched it or you placed the screen on a rough surface, whatever the case may be, you can remove the scratches easily from your phone and make it look neat again.

Before you start removing the scratches, make sure you power down your phone. If you have a tape you can use it to seal the phone’s ports, however, if you clean the phone gently and carefully then sealing the ports isn’t necessary.

Note: the solutions given to you below will only work if you have minor scratches on your phone screen. If the screen has cracks or nasty scratches, you’ll need the help of a phone engineering and they will most likely replace the screen.

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste works well if you’re trying to clean scratches on your screen, however, make sure you use non-gel toothpaste. Gel toothpaste is glossy while non-gel toothpaste is thick, the latter is what you should opt for.

By now you are wondering how to clean your phone screen with toothpaste, here is how to do it-

• Get a clean and dry cloth or a cotton swab and dab a small amount of toothpaste on it.

• Rub the cloth or swab on the screen gently.

• Dampen a cloth and use it to wipe the screen. Don’t leave the toothpaste for too long because if it gets dry it will be tough to clean.

2. Sandpaper or drill grinders

If the back of your phone is made of glass, then you can use this method to remove the scratches on it. Never use this method on your screen. While phone engineers with experience might be able to use it on a phone screen, you don’t have as much experience and knowledge on this as they do, so don’t risk it.

• Get sandpaper. Opt for less abrasive sandpaper because it will be gentler on your phone.

• Rub the sandpaper gently on your phone screen and check it from time to time to see if it’s not damaging your phone.

• If you do not do this gently and carefully, it will add to the scratches instead of cleaning it off.

3. Baking soda or Baby powder

Baking soda also works like magic when used to remove scratches from your phone screen. Here is how to use it –

• Mix baking soda and water in a small bowl. Stir until they mix well. The paste should be thick.

• Use a soft cloth to rub the paste on the screen slowly and gently. You can do this for just a minute.

• Use a dampened cloth to wipe the paste off the screen. Your phone is now ready for use.

If you’re using baby powder, the steps above are also what you’ll follow.

4. Car scratch removal creams

If you have a car scratch removal cream, you can use it on your phone screen to remove the scratches on it.

• Get a soft cloth and apply a little of the cream on it.

• Use it to wipe the screen gently.

• Use a dry cloth to wipe off excess cream on the screen.

Note: using these materials to get rid of phone scratches could break the terms of your phone warranty, besides, doing it regularly will strip off the protective clothing on your phone screen. If you’re going to be using any of these on your screen, use it sparingly.


I have shown you the most efficient ways to make your phone screen clean. A method used by a lot of people is the spit and rub (spitting a bit of saliva on the screen and using a cloth to rub it around the screen), however, this method of cleaning phone screens actually makes dirt sticky and even tougher to clean.

All the steps I showed you above are easy and can be done with household materials. Within just a few minutes you would have finished cleaning your phone screen.

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