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How to Download Music From Spotify For Offline Play on Your Smartphone

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For streaming music, many music lovers agree that Spotify is a fantastic option. There are several possibilities for great music, as long as you’re connected to the internet. However, once you go offline, that’s it, the music stops. 

If you like to enjoy music constantly, you may need to consider downloading music from Spotify to your mobile device. This will help you listen to music even while you’re offline, and you get to enjoy music nonstop.

How to Download Music From Spotify For Offline Play on Your Smartphone

The process is pretty easy, as long as you’re following the right instructions. We’ve therefore created this guide to show you how to download music from Spotify without any internet-related restrictions.

What Do I Need To Download Music from Spotify?

Note that you have to subscribe to Spotify Premium if you want to be able to download songs from the service. Unfortunately, free users only have the option to download podcasts on their phones. 

You can download all of your music at once as a Spotify Premium subscriber from either playlists or albums. After that, you can enjoy all of your music without an internet connection.

There are also two other conditions you need to be aware of. First, you must log on to Spotify with an internet connection at least once every thirty days to keep your music downloaded on your mobile device. This is a way for Spotify to determine whether your account still has Premium access. It’s important to remember that Spotify will automatically delete the songs from your device if you miss the deadline. 

Secondly, you’ll only be able to download a total of 10,000 songs onto a maximum of five devices. Any prior downloads will also be lost if you download anything onto a sixth device. Spotify specifically deletes downloads from the device you haven’t used for the longest period.

That being said, keep reading to find out how to download your favorite songs from Spotify.

How Do I Download Music from Spotify to my Cell Phone?

Always ensure that you’re logged into a Premium account before attempting to download music from Spotify. If you’re using Spotify Free, you’ll not be able to see the download option at all. The instructions are as follows once you’ve logged in: 

  • Search for the album or playlist you would like to download. 
  • Tap the playlist or album. 
  • Click the Download toggle if you’re an Android user. Select the clear arrow if you are an iOS user. 
  • When your download is complete, a green arrow will appear. 

Spotify will notify you when your music has finished downloading or show you the current download status in-app. Spotify will indicate that any playlists or albums that are waiting to download

How to Manage Music While in Offline Mode

You have the option to use Spotify’s Offline mode if you’d only prefer to listen to your downloaded music. Go to the home page and locate Spotify’s settings to access its Offline mode. Click the toggle button to enable Offline mode under Playback

Spotify keeps you informed of the content you can access even when you’re offline. The app will typically bring up a notification telling you to go online if you select only an artist you’ve followed without liking any of their songs or albums. 

When you browse artists, playlists, or albums that contain music that you haven’t ownloaded, those items will either be grayed out or remain hidden. Enable the Show unplayable songs option under Playback to reveal hidden songs.

You can still set up downloads in offline mode if you wish to get any unavailable tunes. To schedule a download, you touch the Spotify download button.

You’ll notice waiting-to-download notifications next to any in-queue playlists, artists, or albums in Your Library. Spotify will begin downloading your tracks automatically after you turn off the offline mode.

Managing Spotify revolves around its download button when it comes to categorizing currently downloaded songs. Click the toggle button (for Android devices) or the green arrow (for iOS devices) on any downloaded music to remove it if you need to free up space or if you’d like to re-download to another storage device. Redownloading is also as easy as tapping the appropriate button type once more

In summary, when you figure out how to download music from Spotify onto your phone, creating a great offline library becomes pretty easy. You’ll just need to keep in mind that in order to retain your music on Spotify, you must adhere to their rules.

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