Most current mid-tier and all current high-end mobile phones have built-in email clients in their Messaging menu. This means that you can recieve, manage and

Email on your Phone

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Most current mid-tier and all current high-end mobile phones have built-in email clients in their Messaging menu. This means that you can recieve, manage and respond to your emails on your phone. Benefits include having access to your mail when away from your desktop or notebook. You can always fire a quick and short response, and then follow it up with a detailed response later.

Setting Up

1. The email account you want to setup on your phone must be either POP3 or IMAP (the latter is better). This includes Gmail, corporate email accounts, and premium (not free) Yahoo email accounts.

2. You need to have a full internet serviccee on your line via GPRS, EDGE, 3G or HSDPA. WAP internet won’t do. Luckilly, all the 4 GSM networks now offer full internet to pay-as-you-go subscribers.

3. You need to know your mail servers, both incoming and outgoing. These are usually in the format:,, There must be two of them, though in some cases the two may be the same.

4. Your email username (usually the full email address) and its password

If you have all the above, simply go into your Messaging settings menu and input them in their respective fields. During setup, choose IMAp as mail service type. If your account does not run IMAP, then opt for POP3. Ask your webmaster or company technical support members for help if necesarry.

Some mail clients offer the option to set automatic retrieval, such that at the set times or intervals, the phone connects to your mail server to download new mails.

Let me know how it goes setting up your email account on your phone. I’ll be here to guide you through the tough spots if you run into trouble.


  1. Please, does this mean that the wap internet cannot be used with certain applications e.g instant messaging, on one’s phone, assuming he/she uses glo?

  2. Ral, yes; you won’t be able to use applications like instant messaging if you use Glo WAP. But Glodirect is now available to pay-as-you-go subscribers, so you can use that.

  3. Well I have read the article but the problem is I dont know the incoming & outgoing servers for gmail. I have gotten the wap settings for zain. Pls help!

  4. Nabeelah,

    Google is your friend 😉 A quick Google search turned up the following:

    Incoming mail server:
    Use SSL: Yes
    Port: 993

    Outgoing mail server: (use authentication)
    Use Authentication: Yes
    Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL)
    Port: 465 or 587

    Source: Configuring other mail clients

  5. When the profimail trying to login my Ovi mail it gives me a wrong login or password despites it could connect it , and my name & pass are correct. How could i setup it . Thank u.

  6. kindly tell me the text messaging domain of glo, mtn and zain. i’ve spent so much time in the cafe trying to get it.

  7. Adewale,

    I am guessing that you are asking for the message center number. If that’s what you’re asking for, this is it;


  8. Good day D1.

    Kindly pick me out of this puzzle. I have a Blackberry 8900 curve with 2 simms, yet the e-mail server fields and the e-account are not included. However, you may need to guide me through to its location. Secondly, I have configured my phone for GPRS, yet I could not browse well. Response to few websites are not usually effective, that is, features did not respond when they sre invoked. Google used to appear yet it did not respond as well to to its inherent features when they are activated. Error messages that came following my attempt to browse on this phone was either “the request is not understood. Technical description: 400 Bad Request – Check your spelling for the requesed URL” or “Error in communication”.

    Kindly help me ou to maximize the benefits of this phone. You could also educate me on the essential services of this model. I want more business-oriented satisfaction rather than using it for mere receipt/call purpose.

    Thanks and God bless you.


  9. sonny,

    A Blackberry 8900 curve with 2 SIMs? Are you sure that you have a BlackBerry 8900 Curve? To the best of my knowledge, there are no dual-SIM BlackBerrys.

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