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Enchanted With Munoyedi: a photoshoot with Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

What do you do when you have a top-notch 108MP camera phone like the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro in hand and need to show off its capabilities? You go on a photoshoot with an enchantress.


I took a trip down to Freedom Park, the popular art and recreation spot on Lagos to meet up with my guest, Munoyedi Ogbolumani. Monyedi is the creative force behind Ileke by Munoyedi, a brand that produces gemstone-infused waistbeads and beaded jewelry for the sophisticated woman.

Enchanted By Munoyedi - a MobilityArena production captured on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

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Freedom Park offered us plenty of settings to see what the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has to offer and we got down to business immediately. The result is this collection I have chosen to call Enchanted With Munoyedi.

None of the pictures in the Gallery below have been touched up. I resized them from the actaul 6016 x 4512 pixels size down to 2560×1920 pixels for server reasons.


I will let the photo do the speaking. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words. To enjoy these photos better, click on each to see a larger sized image. Enjoy!

Enchanted With Munoyedi: The Gallery

Enchanted With Munoyedi - Framed By Nature

Framed By Nature

Enchanted With Munoyedi - Heyyyy


Enchanted With Munoyedi - in the garden

A walk in the park

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Enchanted With Munoyedi - Serene


Enchanted With Munoyedi - Ileke lorun

Breathe In

Enchanted With Munoyedi - Birdie View

What do you see?

Enchanted With Munoyedi - Innocence


Enchanted With Munoyedi - Hey Sexy

Hey Sexy!

Enchanted With Munoyedi - Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

Enchanted With Munoyedi - framed

Structure and Strength

Enchanted With Munoyedi - Moonlighting

Who is in the garden?

Enchanted With Munoyedi - I see you

I see you

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Enchanted With Munoyedi - All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful

And that is it on Enchanted WIth Munoyedi. We had lots of fun doing this and hope that you have enjoyed this gallery of photos captured by the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. All photos were taken by yours truly.

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Follow Ileke By Munoyedi on Instagram for a wide variety of beaded jewelry from our guest on this episode. And don’t go away; we have other photoshoots with other guests on the way. 

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