Find Interesting iPhone Apps on the App Store: Get App Recommendations for the Best iPhone Experience

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There’s an overwhelming number of apps available on the iPhone app store. With so many options, finding the apps that matter can be difficult. In some cases, you may not even know what you’re looking for; and there’s a good chance the best app for any purpose is something you haven’t even considered.

In this guide, I’ll show you easy ways to find interesting iPhone apps on the App store. With these helpful tips, I’m sure you’ll locate great app options more easily, and you can spend less time searching. So, keep reading to find out these helpful tips, and learn how to take advantage of them for the best iPhone experience.

Learn how to find interesting iPhone apps on the App store for a fantastic iPhone experience

How Can I Find Interesting iPhone Apps on the App Store?

Many of the best apps in the App Store are options that you probably haven’t tried yet. Searching through an endless list of apps with random keywords and mainstream search terms may offer limited help with finding such unique applications. Therefore below are some tips to find interesting iPhone apps much more quickly on the App Store.

Check out the Today Tab

The Today tab is one of the best ways to find interesting iPhone apps. It is updated every day with fresh articles, suggestions for new apps and tips, as well as coverage of significant app updates and in-game happenings from the editors of the App Store.

Besides promoting app downloads from the App Store, the specially selected content fosters connections between users and app developers. It does this by letting you and other users see the thought and care that went into developing each app.

To access the day’s featured content, go to the App Store and select the Today tab. Then, hit each story’s title to read the whole article and find interesting iPhone apps.

Discover Similar Apps at the Bottom of an App’s Page

There are times when you struggle to come up with the right search terms to find the exact app you’re looking for. Furthermore, if the app isn’t yet popular, using a common keyword to search for it may not always work.

As an alternative to testing the results of different search terms, you can find interesting iPhone apps by simply tapping on an app in the App Store that you already know and like. Afterward, scroll down to the very bottom for the “You Might Also Like” section.

For instance, if you browse down to the bottom of an aesthetically pleasing mobile game like Sky: Children of the Light, you’ll find more games with similar vibes or themes.

Find Apps Created by the Same Developer

If you like an app by a certain developer, one quick way to find more apps you’ll like is to see what else the developer has released.

Navigate to the Search tab, find the app you want, and tap it. Tap the developer’s name that appears beneath the app name or the Developer icon that appears beside Category or Chart for each of their apps on the App Store. This is a rather smart way to find interesting iPhone apps on the App store.

Pay Attention to Ratings and Reviews

Usually, you can tell whether an app is worth paying more attention by glancing through its rating on the App Store. If an app has less than three stars, it’s probably not worth trying out. 

Ratings and reviews are one of the smartest ways to find interesting iPhone apps, because you’re learning from the experience of other users like you. Also consider how many app reviews the ratings are based on. If it’s a newer app, reviews may be fewer, in which case the average rating may not be as reliable.

Also, reading some of the reviews is worthwhile if you want to delve deeper. Examine both the positive and negative reviews to learn what users enjoy and dislike about the app so you can decide if it’ll be a good choice for you.

Check Out the Top Apps in Each App Category

The iPhone App Store contains over 30 app categories, including education, entertainment, health & fitness, music, travel, and others. These app categories can also lend some insight when you want to find interesting iPhone apps in the App store. 

You can gain access to the chart via two methods. First, if you’re already seeing a chart app, hit the Chart symbol to see the category’s chart leaders, which are divided into free and paid apps. 

Another option is to navigate to the Apps or Games tab and scroll all the way to the bottom to locate the Top Categories area. To see all categories, select See All. Choose the category to view the “Top Paid or Top Free” section. It’s worth noting that the Apps and Games tabs each have their own set of app categories.

Explore Apps from Different Countries

The apps accessible on the App Store are usually region-specific. This means that some apps will only be available in certain regions, no matter how popular they are

It can therefore be beneficial to create a second Apple ID account using another country or region. This is a smart and easy way to find interesting iPhone apps that are region-restricted on the App store.

Here’s the bottom line the above tips will prove useful to find interesting iPhone apps you’ll love and enjoy on the App store. You can also go to the App Store and look for relevant apps by putting in the complete name of the app you want to download, if you know it. Also try using a broad term like “wallpapers & themes or photo editor.” 

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