Fix Spacebar Not Working on Windows PC

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The Spacebar is among the most used keys on a keyboard, and if it stops working, it can be frustrating and detrimental to workflow. If your Windows PC’s spacebar key has gone rogue, I’ve written this guide for you.

There are several troubleshooting tactics to fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs. I’ll go through some of these techniques in this article, so keep reading to understand how to fix this common problem.

Learn how to fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs

How Can You Fix Spacebar Not Working on Windows PCs?

Of course you can always buy a new keyboard, but since spacebar problems can arise for different reasons (as with most Windows errors), I’d advise that you first consider some alternative practical solutions. So, follow the troubleshooting steps below to fix spacebar not working on Windows PCs.

Restart Your PC

Rebooting is the quickest and simplest way to fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs. A reboot clears your PC’s memory and restarts all its ststem processes. Sometimes, this is the key to resolving random issues on your PC, including keyboard malfunctions.

It makes sense that a restart is frequently suggested as the initial fix before users turn to sophisticated fixes. So, before you do anything further, try a quick restart to see if it helps you fix the spacebar not working on your PC.

Turn off Sticky Keys and Filter Keys

The Sticky Keys accessibility feature allows users to activate multiple keys simultaneously while pressing them one at a time. If you enable this option, Windows will assume you’re attempting to perform a shortcut sequence and will not recognize your Spacebar strokes.

Filter Keys, which, when enabled, might overlook repeated keystrokes, may also cause your Spacebar to stop working. As such, to fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs, make sure both options are disabled by following the instructions below:

  • Right-click the Start button and select Settings.
  • Navigate to Accessibility > Keyboard. To do so on Windows 10, go to Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard.
  • The first two options are sticky keys and filter keys. Both should be turned off.

Update the Keyboard Driver

Hardware is fueled by computer drivers. They let your operating system communicate with its components or peripherals, making it easy for you to complete tasks.

Therefore, if you experience driver difficulties for any reason—whether they are caused by hardware, spyware, or simply upgrading issues—you may experience malfunctioning keys or an unresponsive keyboard.

Follow the instructions below to update the keyboard driver and fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs:

  • Navigate to the Windows Device Manager.
  • Click Keyboards in the Device Manager window.
  • Right-click the HID Keyboard Device and choose the Update driver.

Your keyboard driver will now be updated. If you have numerous HID keyboard devices, make sure to update them all.

Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

A quick reinstallation is the next thing to try if a driver update doesn’t help to fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs. Here are the steps you’ll need:

  • Launch the Windows Device Manager
  • Click Keyboards in the Device Manager window.
  • Right-click the HID Keyboard Device and choose Uninstall Device
  • Click Uninstall on the Uninstall Device window.

Once more, if you have numerous HID keyboard devices, make sure to uninstall them all. After that, restart your PC. When your computer boots up, it will automatically reinstall the driver. Check to see if your spacebar is now functioning properly.

Run Keyboard Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooters are a set of built-in utilities that assist you in resolving random bugs and other issues on your PC. In this situation, you can employ the keyboard troubleshooting tool to fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs.

Here’s how you should start:

  • Type “settings” in the Start menu search bar, then choose the best match.
  • Select System > Troubleshoot.
  • Choose Other troubleshooters from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to Keyboard and select Run.

If the troubleshooter discovers any issues, it will automatically resolve them after the scan. If no problems are discovered, you will get the message, “No changes or updates were necessary.”

Although it’s very likely that one of the above-described fixes will restore the functionality of your spacebar key, it might not always be effective. In that case, try some of the general solutions listed below.

Scan for Malware

A malware attack can wreak havoc on your PC. Almost nothing is off-limits, from wiping your system files to locking out important documents.  Another potential problem that malware might create is unstable hardware. To rule out anything like this, you should run an infection scan since that might help fix spacebar not working on Windows PCs.

Update Windows

Updates are necessary for each and every version of the Windows operating system. Some of the crucial activities they make possible include implementing new features, fixing software bugs, and applying the most recent security updates. And it’s really easy to update Windows manually.

So if you’re not sure how long it has been since you last updated, this could be a good opportunity to do so.

To summarize, it is simple to diagnose and fix Spacebar not working on Windows PCs, or any key for that matter. I hope one of the fixes above helped you get your keyboard operating properly. Make sure to check the Windows help page if you’re still in need of further or more specific guidance that this article has not covered.

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